BRouter Crashes the App

Hi again,

are there some changes in 2.2.4 about BRouter using

Today I try roadblocking 5km, and normaly BRouter calculates this fine. I got a “Guru Meditation”. Restart the App, try it again with same result. Only Update was made. Last year it run very stable.



Where is the crash, in Kurviger or BRouter?

It would be interesting to write an example for how to reproduce the report.
So we can examine what exactly happens.

Kurviger app calls the BRouter app the same way.

But BRouter app has been updated.
See here where I asked for feedback:

Sorry, the kurviger App Crashes.
Requster ask to restart the App.
The phone is Android 8.

As I wrote, I tryed to use the roadblocking option with 5km. App start to calculat…booom…

Not more to say. With the online option IT works…



We ask for specific examples so we can reproduce the reports.

Testing again the avoid roadblock with BRouter and it works.

So what exact route and at what point BRouter was called?

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this ist the route from yesterday.

TT-12-03-2022.kurviger (44.6 KB)

The circle is where, the XXX means the blocked road. There was a festival…



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Thanks for the example, now the report can be reproduced.

The crash seems to come from the combination of BRouter and routing history.
(at least in this route)

It will be fixed in the next app update.


Fixed in Kurviger 2.2.6 (Beta).