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Brouter: cannot navigate offline, "Location is unknown"

I’m trying to get Kurviger Pro to navigate offline. I can correctly load a route using Brouter, but while offline, I can’t start navigation for that route. Kurviger says “location is unknown”.

If I go online, I can start navigation, but it seems to me that that defeats the purpose?

Any advice or explanation is welcome!

Steps taken:

  1. Brouter is installed and is found correctly by Kurviger.
  2. Go offline. Setting->Routing is set to use Brouter only.
  3. Routing → Import → Route file →
    (tried different settings for overlay and track, same results)
    → loads correctly, popup says “Brouter”, with route length and duration; route is shown with waypoints and blue route-- I assume mapped by Brouter.
  4. Click on Nav button to start…
    → popup “Location is unknown”
  5. If I go online, I can start navigation…


  • Kurviger Pro 1.14.17
  • Android 10 (API 29)
  • Motorola Moto g(9) play
  • 720 x 1600

Kurviger or BRouter services are not related to navigation.

Kurviger Pro 1.14.18 is available, please update the app.

Navigation needs the precise GPS location to work correctly.
Have you turned on the GPS location sensor in your device?

Or you enable only the internet?
So the approximate location is used.

YES! Stupid of me, I had put it in “airplane mode” to test, but that probably also switches off the GPS.

THANK YOU for getting back so quickly!

I think there are some missunderstandings:

  1. Navigation and Route calculation are different things
  2. Navigation (offline) has nothing to do with BRouter.
    Navigation does however need GPS reception.
  3. BRouter is for offline calculation. Once you have a loaded route you don’t need BRouter as long as you stay on the route. BRouter is only needed to recalculate if you leave the route.
  4. If you have a *.kurviger file of your route you can navigate offline without BRouter as long as you stay on the route.

Now to your problem:
Are you in free open field and have GPS reception?

It may also help to read the documentation Kurviger App [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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Thank you for jumping in. GPS was the issue.

Once you have a loaded route you don’t need BRouter as long as you stay on the route.

You have to be lucky to be exactly on a route when you start navigation for it. Typically, I am not so lucky. :slight_smile:

As I didn’t understand the message “Location is unknown” I couldn’t make out if there was a problem /routing/ to the loaded route or starting /navigating/ to that route.

“Current location is unknown” would be more helpful as an error message, that would have put me on the GPS path straight away.

Anyway - thanks!

You don’t need to be on route - not even close, as long as you are able to find back to route on your own. :wink:
Just cancel the message you get at start of navigation.
I often use Kurviger App with recalculation intentionally switched off.

Yes, you have a point there. I usually prefer my own “recalc” over any app, too. :slight_smile: