Bosch myspin system... Kurviger app


First of all, thanks for your great app for moto navigation and route creation.

Yesterday I updated my intercom app (cardo update) and it showed that, with the new version, it was compatible with myspin system. I didn’t know what that was so I searched a little bit.

Myspin seems to be a Bosch solution also for the motorcycle world in order to use the tft display and integrate the smartphone, the motorcycle wonderwheel and the moto telemetry. It seems to be multiplatform and valid for multiple brands.

There are several apps already compatible and some of them are navigation apps (tomtom, rever, calimoto, etc.)

Maybe it’s interesting for kurviger.

Best regards.

Interesting proposal and thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:. We will have a look at myspin. It’s an interesting technology for sure.

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Very interested too… probably this is the same interface which is used for the KTM Super Adventure S Display…

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