Border lines

I live here near the border to france. At the moment it is no good idea to drive to france.
On the Map(Android App) is no borderline drawn…This is “Suboptimal”.Maybe there is a way to change that?

Ich wohne nahe der Französischen Grenze.Momentan ist es keine gute Idee nach Frankreich zu Fahren.Auf der App-Map sind keine Grenzlinien eingezeichnet->ich finde das “Suboptimal”.Gibt da vielleicht eine Lösung?

What map and borders?
The border lines look without a problem.

Interesting: If I zoom in, the border disappears. (just to find the place of my screenshots)

It may depend on the area and the overlapping map layers.

Elsewhere it is visible all the way down to the max zoom 20.

That is why it is a nice idea the app to open external map styles (like Cruiser).
So you can make your own changes regarding icons, colors, zoom levels, etc.

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You are right - I had opened several maps (usually I open all maps in my maps folder).
If I open only the map of Germany, it looks fine.
Then I open the map of France additionally - it still looks good, border always visible.
Lesson learnt: Do not open too many maps, but just the ones you need!

With the OpenAndroid Maps I used ,the borders are invisible.
The normal Kurviger Maps have borderlines.
Again something learned!

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Just to be sure: That is a possible (or planned) feature, which might be implemented in the future, right?
Are the downloaded offline maps vector maps?

If you mean maps from OpenAndroMaps, they play better with their Elevate map style.

Kurviger app is based on Cruiser platform which supports external map styles.

The offline map files are Mapsforge vector maps.

App’s map style is based on map library’s default style.

You can check it and see the map style rules it contains: