Bluetooth text one second to late

Hello just using this app and having issues with Bluetooth, the direction that is spoken is activating the heatset however it’s taking of about 3/4 of a second at starting. This is a bit annoying. Direction are then not fully understandable. Can I set in the app the starting time of the directions a bit longer, beat would be to have a small ping before any spoken text, this would activate the heatset and problem would be solved. I’m using a senna heatset.

You can set in Settings | Navigation the Voice guidance output to Phone call audio.

Then can adjust in Prepare phone call audio connection the needed time for your connection.

Have the same issue when listening to the voice guidance via car radio by bluetooth connection.

Same solution?

Indeed it’s the same procedure and steps to adjust it.
Please everyone can report any interesting results. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some tests showed 1500ms as a sane default, perhaps needs change?

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Sena SMH5 — Samsung S7

  • No noticable delay (maybe 0.1s - 0.2s)
  • tested “musik” and “phone call”

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