Bluetooth file transfer restriction with .kurviger files

Hello to all,
I’am unable to transfer the kurviger files from my Android phone to my Android Navi (Karadar MT-5002) via Bluetooth due to the Android file type restriction. Only the well known media files and pdf or zip is working, but no kurviger files (unknown file type).
I have to zip them on the phone, send them via bluetooth und unzip them on the Navi, but thats quite uncomfortable.
A solution would be to automate a zip and send function in kurviger to export, and unzip and import on the Navi side.
Does anybody have a better solution or idea?

Another question: When it is planned to get access to the kurviger cloud with the pro app? Would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Kurviger files have json format, GPX files have xml format, etc.

That is communication between Android and 3rd party devices, so more Android’s responsibility.

Most file managers (e.g. Total Commander) can copy files to external storage or compress files.

Or can simply use any free cloud hosting service to transfer files between Android devices or PC.
e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, …


as far as I can see the Karadar is a Android system where you can install several apps (also Kurviger :wink: ) - is that right ? And it has also WiFi.

Perhaps you can transfer data via WifFi (I use that method to transfer data between tablet and mobile phone: Open a WifFi hotspot with phone, connect with tablet, copy data with total commander).

Regards Markus

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Nun ja, ich finde das Prozedere nicht alltagstauglich, auch nicht mit TC.
Versuch jetzt mit Tasker eine Automation zu erstellen.
Kurviger file auf dem Phone automatisch zippen und versenden, dann auf dem Navi automatisch entpacken und ins Kurviger Verzeichnis…

I researched your problem and probably i have a solution.
So try to use android file transfer app

Or just use AirDroid: