Bluetooth earbud

xperia compact Android 7, in-Ear bluetooth

Navigon - Connection works fine.

kurviger cuts the information, gives it too late and so on.

I have tried all possible Kombinations (Medien , Anrufe Audio vorbereiten on off, different marks)

nothing is really suitable.
Any solution ?

Please see the related documentation which provides various information.

20 times read.
many hours invested without any sucess. A lot of testdrives with different adjustment gave
no difference

Like mentioned in the documentation, if you can listen to music or phone calls
from your Android device on your headset, it should work with the app too.

You can change the audio output in “Settings | Voice guidance | Voice guidance output”.

And give bluetooth time to connect in “Settings | Voice guidance | Prepare audio connection”.

Since bluetooth devices are different you can test these settings to find which work better.

You don’t need to testdrive.
You can try voice guidance with navigation simulation.
Settings | Navigation | Navigationmode -> Simulation

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Thank you.
I’ll test it.

Thank you for your prompt answer.
i have tried any combination of settings.
I wrote it in my first post.
The difference with unchanged hardware between Navigon and kurviger is awful.
If no salvation can be found, i wont use kurviger, because wrong or uncomplete information is
more bad than nothing.

i did so.
The result is not useful, because the simulation has not the same behaviour as real driving

The app works fine all this time in many phone + bluetooth combinations.

If app’s many settings do not help (and you have tested them all),
then could be some connection setting in your phone or bluetooth.

Or you need to exclude the app from battery optimization,
so that Android does not kill the bluetooth connection.

See below for how to do that:

Thank you for comment.
Batteries earbud and xperia full
No stamina or anything else switched, that could make problems.
Going to Navigon demonstrates the hardware-function. Only there is a little delay in announcing.
Sometimes a little cut in the beginning “Bitte in 100 …”. The sentence is complete without “Bitte”

“Settings | Voice guidance | Voice guidance output”.
Selecting A2DP and HFP causes worse quality witb HFP
“Settings | Voice guidance | Prepare audio connection”.
makes deceleration if activated, but no solution

A few questions that may help to pinpoint the problem:

  • is the voice working correct in navigation simulation?
    If so that would suggest that Bluetooth hardware and Kurviger settings are fine.
  • In real navigation: Does the location marker show the actual position and is moving on the map while you are riding?
  • is the app in foreground and is screen on?

Vendors often implement hidden “power saving” modes.
So the solution may be to put Kurviger in an exeption list of any “power saving”
Sometimes more than one setting is necessary for success.

A comparison with other apps like Navigon or Google Maps does not help, since the manufacturer may have already excluded them from “power saving”.

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That’s right, the application should always be excluded from battery optimization.

So it seems a latency issue exists for all apps in this phone + bluetooth combination.

The “Settings | Voice guidance | Prepare audio connection” exists to help such cases.
This or select a different option in “Settings | Voice guidance | Voice guidance output”.

Bluetooth connections are handled by the devices and Android settings (not the apps).

as last resort you can try just play silent hourly long track in loop (there are mp3 on the internet for that) in background. You can do it with whatever app you want (I use total cammander) - and dont forget to exclude that app from battery saver.

That keeps open audio bluetooth channel and voice commands should be just fine and quick. I am using that dirty solution on devices, which doesnt have ability to fiddle with bluetooth/audio setting - Like my old Gingerbread phone, which Kurviger doesnt support and also have “delay” when sending signal to bluetooth unfortunatelly, or on Doogee phone which also doesnt get help with audio preparation settings. Dont know why, but If someone finds some android (debug) setting, which would fix that nativelly, I would be glad also :slight_smile:

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a very interesting idea, because i thought this morning, that it may be possible to keep the channel open with a constant oscillation in a frequencyrange, that is not audible.
have a nice sunday

simulation works correct, voice too.
in real navigation marker shows the right position
appis in foreground and is screen on
thank you for your thoughts

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hello jirka,
i have been testing different methods.
A silent file doesn’t work. It’s like an absent signal.
A 10 Hz pure sinus in loop works much better, even when the amplitude is low, so that the little murmur hardly isn’t hearable.
greetings fstelt

its maybe depends on phone software. For my two android phones, XT320 and Doogee X90 silent file did the trick…