Big diversions?

Hello, when I try to connect these two points, it takes me on a huge diversions.

This route is ok, I did it a week ago.

Thank you for your help

Hi, thanks for the report, somebody seems to have made the Splügenpass road a “one-way” on the italian side. If you flip the route around, it works:

(ignore the red color in Kurviger for now, this only tells us that the road might be closed, in this case during winter times)

So the question now is: is this real? Are there currently roadworks or something that might explain this?
I think this is the changeset where it might have happened

But… I’m terrible with OSM so somebody else please fact-check me on that one

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I have chaged it, so that only the part of the border-control is still a oneway,
Do you think this was to brisk?
It seemed reasonable to me, that only the border-control should be a oneway.

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Thank you very much! But I don’t know if it’s a “risk”, but personally I would need to be able to calculate it in the Italy-Switzerland direction (south-north). Even if it works in the other direction, when exporting the route, it will be wrong all the time. Is it possible to put it “double-ways”?

Wait until Kurviger has updated its Database to reflect my changes.:wink:
Usually this takes 1-2 days.

You can see the date in the bottom right.

well yeah, seems reasonable to me too, but I would never underestimate italian roadworks. Is there a way to find out whether it was actually the changeset that I linked, that made this one-way? And can we then contact the person who made the change?

You can contact him via OSM:

  • Follow your changeset link above
  • Click / tap on the username “Martino Scaglione”
  • Click / tap on “Send message”

Yes, when you scroll down (on the left side) there is a “view history” link at the bottom.
Yes it is exactly the changeset you have linked above :open_mouth:
His comment “Valchiavenna” is a hint that he has done multiple edits in this single changeset.
I am still convinced, that his intention was to change only that short part at the border control and the rest of the road has been set unintentionally into a oneway.

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