Between webside and app diffrent languages...Why

Hello kurviger team,
my question is…i drive in thailand and when i plan my tour on your website, then are all the citys written in english as you can see on my screenshot with the name " Test ".
but if i open later the tour on the kurviger pro app, all citys are written in thai language.
as you can see on the second screenshot with the name " Test 1 ".
why is that so ??
and is it possible for you to change that in the app, that there will be the citys in the app also written in english.
thank you for your awnser
and best regards
i just read i can as a new member only upload 1 jpeg.
so i put 1 jpeg first and look how i can put the second

Hallo Ralph,

verwendest Du Offline-Karten?
Dann kannst Du die 3 Striche drücken > Karte > Karten-Sprache und Englisch einstellen.

Hello, Ralph,

do you use offline cards?
Then you can press the 3 dashes > Map > Set Map Language and English.

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here i put the second screenshot Test 1

They are from different map providers. Maps are based on OpenStreetMap data, but they were created differently.

As mentioned above, with Pro app’s offline maps can change their language and even show both selected + local language together.
That works will all map labels where community has already translated their names.

Hallo luckytown,
wenn ich darauf drücke sagt die app mir.
Laden Sie eine valide Vektorkarte …
habe dann nochmals die Karte von Thailand geladen und mit kurviger app geöffnet immernoch das gleiche…alles in Thai geschrieben.

Hello luckytown,
When I press it, the app tells me.
Download a valid vector map …
then again loaded the map of Thailand and opened with kurviger app …still the same … everything written in Thai.
see the pic.

Need to open the map file after the download, see also offline maps guide.
(above image shows an online map)

Then can change offline map language.

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