Beta version voice directions stop when Android screen is off

When using the beta app the voice directions stop whenever the screen is off. The previous version was perfectly happy to continue to give voice directions even when the screen was off. The music player that I use continues to work with the screen off. The Kurviger audio, however, stops.

Have you made sure to allow the location access at all times? This is required for the app to work in the background or when the screen is off.

If you have done that and still see issues, please have a look at:

If both options don’t help, we would need more information. I am not really sure what might be the reason for this.

Thank you. I had not ticked the “Allow all the time” button in Location permission. I will try it with that change and let you know if it works.

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Problem solved. Ticking the “Allow all the time” button did the trick. The voice directions remain on and the only feature remaining on the screen is the clock. Thanks again.