Beta version announces shaping points in navigation

In the Kurviger 2.x app for Android, the via points could be converted to shaping points. In the beta version of the app I am unable to convert any of them. I produce the route with shaping points only and then import the route to the Android. All of the shaping points are converted to via points in that operation and I am unable to convert them back to shaping points. Even using the pull down menu item “shaping points to via points” and “via points to shaping points.”

If you use the cloud or a .kurviger file, shaping points stay shaping points.

Nevertheless you can convert all points of your route:

As I mentioned, using the entries from the pull down menu you show didn’t work for me. I always ended up with via points even after using the command “via points to shaping points”. Also, I always export the routes as Kurviger files after I produce them.

Sorry - I missed that.

Which version of app do you use? Can you provide an example route as sbortlink or as kurviger file?

Currently app version 3.0.5-700 for my REVVL V+ 5G Android. As a new user, I am unable to upload an attachment, however

Here is a copy on my Google Drive

of a very short route with several shaping points.

I have also noticed that in the route planner on my Windows10 desktop that only via points are listed. Even there, when I try “Shaping points to via points” and “Via points to shaping points” that via points (waypoints) are only shown in the list.
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 13-35-32 Library Kurviger

Just click on “8 waypoints” and you’ll get this:

That is not my problem. My problem is that I can’t convert the via points to shaping points. Their little icons change on the Android map display but they’re always via points in the list and during navigation.

But you exactly described this problem 42 minutes ago …
I can change shapingpoints into viapoints vice versa …
I’m now out of this!

Let me be more clear about this. Shaping points were silent. They were never mentioned in voice guidance in the app. Way points were announced in voice guidance. I always plan routes using shaping points because I don’t want them to be announced by the navigation system.

I export all of my routes in the Kurviger format with the Kurviger extension. When I import a route into my Android running beta 3.0.5 all I get is way points.

When I start riding and navigating Kurviger announces every way point. When I use the pull down menu in the expanded way point list and select “Via points to shaping points,” all of the little numbered icons that determine the shape of the route change appearance. They change appearance in the expanded way point list as well. They should now be shaping points. But when I navigate, every one of them is announced as a way point. I am unable to get any of them to convert to or behave like shaping points. They are announced during actual riding and using the navigation simulator.

This was effortless in Kurviger 2.28 but seems to be impossible for me with the beta version. There has been no change in my hardware.

So - to say it shortly, clearly and understandable - your issue is that shaping points are announced during navigation.

That’s it, exactly. Is there a way to turn off the announcement of way points and shaping points during navigation?

The announcement of shaping points has been reported already as issue:

But I think it is good to have a separate thread for that (this thread :wink:).

Remark: I fully agree, shaping points should not be announced.
But due to misleading thread title (I changed it) and your 1st posts I could not get that issue - your claim was “switching to shaping points does not work” :frowning_face:

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Thank you for doing that. I agree, my initial post was not clear enough. It surprised me that the beta version announces shaping points. When it encounters a shaping point it actually calls it a way point.

Exact, you can change every point one by one by clicking on each in the route planner (the window where you see the distance between two points) this methods change in the map (blue point for waypoint which are announced in the navigation) and black point for shaping point) BUT THE BOTH ARE ANNOUNCED BY THE AUTOMATIC VOICE.

This is a known limitation / issue of the current Beta version.

As to read in Beta for the new Kurviger App [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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Merci de l’info, je vais tester sur Garmin zumo.