Beta missing the 4 mile voice reminder

The Kurviger app used to have a setting for a four-mile voice reminder. That way, on long stretches, the app would remind you that it was still awake with a voice prompt. That seems to be missing in the beta app. Is there a plan to add that in the future?

We could add something like this again, if there would be enough interest for such a feature :+1:

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I liked it because I never looked at the route on my android. I had the android in my pocket with the screen off, just listening. Being on a 100km stretch it was nice to hear of the upcoming turn every few minutes.

Also a vote from me.

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I’m still very interested in this feature and am wondering if it is on the “to do” list for upcoming app versions. I was hoping it would be implemented before June.

Thanks again for all the work you’ve done on this app development.

This is still on the todo list. Please note that we can’t promise dates. I can understand that this is an important feature for you :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the response. I realize that there are routing, communication, and timing features that are much more important and need to be sorted out first. I’m just glad to know it’s on the “to do” list.

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Alas, I’m going on another long ride without this feature. I hope it’s still on the “to do” list.

Sorry and thanks for the reminder, the To-Do List is indeed quite long :sweat_smile:
We’ll let you know when we get to it, until then you should try the new offline maps on your latest trip :slight_smile:

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