[Beta] Alternative Addresslookup / Alternative Adresssuche

We are currently evaluating a new Addresslookup provider. This service translates the name of a place to the position on the map. In the past there have been some places that were hard to find with our default Addresslookup provider.

You can enable this on the website if you go to Advanced Options and scroll to down to enabled the setting Alternative Addresslookup. Please let us know about your experience with it.

Wir evaluieren aktuelle eine neue Adresssuche. Die Adresssuche übersetzt quasi den Namen einer Adresse zur Position auf der Karte. Bei unserer bisherigen Adresssuche war es manchmal schwierig manche Adresse zu finden.

Die neue Suche kannst du auf der Webseite unter Erweiterte Optionen ganz unten über Alternative Adresssuche aktivieren. Lasst uns wissen wie die neue Suche funktioniert.

This works better for me than the original address lookup. Typing in an address using the old version usually just gets me to the street. With the new version it goes down to the house level.

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Hi @boldtrn, it seems this has lead to a breaking change with the forum links!
When the forum “insta-boxes” a link then it will produce this format, which the new address lookup denies with the message No area description found
-> https://kurviger.de/?point=59.055652%2C6.65205&point=59.109013%2C7.505035&locale=de&vehicle=motorcycle&weighting=curvature&additional_weighting&ch.disable=true&use_miles=false&elevation=true

In comparison, a link pasted from the browser address bar works:
-> https://kurviger.de/?point=59.055652%2C6.65205&point=59.109013%2C7.505035&locale=de&vehicle=motorcycle&weighting=curvature&additional_weighting&ch.disable=true&use_miles=false&elevation=true

So the reason seems to be the HTML separator. What is %252C? I’ve never seen that one :confused:

The problem was found out in this thread:

But it breaks all existing boxed links (and links that have been formatted that way for whatever other reason). I’ve tested some threads and all boxes I could find show this behaviour

I think this is quite critical, so allow me to ping some people: @devemux86, @Uli_LH
Interesting SO answer that could help: https://stackoverflow.com/a/8348287

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Thanks for letting us know Patrick. Is this related to the Adresslookup?

This appears to be a double encoded comma. Apparently, the forum software is trying to encode commas but doesn’t understand that it’s already encoded.

BTW: I could reproduce the issue. It is an issue with the forum software and reported the issue there.

The issue in the forum software has been fixed upstream and should be available for us soon.

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… “soon” ™

Sorry for the delay, but there haven’t been any recent updates for the forum. Usually there are updates every week to two weeks, but there haven’t been any updates. Maybe this change broke the forum software :smiley:

There was an update of the forum software and it seems like the issue is finally resolved.

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