Beginner who needs help

Yes I would probably do 3 or 4 files. But I do not plan in advance the number of km per day or where I stop. So I don’t want to have to stop to reload a new route regularly. And I can very well leave 20km before the end of the route and therefore have to delete the very many crossing points placed before.

Good morning,

I was able to test in real condition, 1st stop to modify the route because road closed: it makes me return to the first crossing point. I notice that the “shaping point” have been replaced by waypoints by loading the GPX (I saw afterwards that there is a checkbox to save the shaping points). I modify all the points in shaping point and it works.
I make another stop then, once it didn’t work but as I knew the route I continued and after several km it ended up stopping recalculating the route and it resumed normally. another time he also withdrew me from the crossing points where I had not yet passed after a direction error, and several other times he always wanted to make me return to the first starting point. So it’s very random.

2nd try today, with the starting point next to the arrival point, I do 100m and she decided that I had arrived when there were waypoints on the way. I raise. I only made a “stop” without closing the application to add a point and it worked.
But still many exits from the road to resume the initial road further, and 2 or 3 directions prohibited.

I therefore think to keep the application for the rare times when I leave the region on a walk but for my roadtrip I will rather take a premium subscription at calimoto to have the map of all of France and not to spoil my trip with the galleys, at the the less I know the application by heart.

GPX is for exchange with other navigation systems.
Kurviger has its own file format.
For saving a route inside Kurviger system, use either the Kurviger cloud or .kurviger file format.

For questions regarding the routing please share a link of the route with us.