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Beeline-like orientation arrow?


Although I don’t think that such a reduced solution would be helpful in every situation, I like it’s visualization: Beeline Moto

Would it be possible to add a similar orientation arrow, indicating the direction of the next turn and/or waypoint, in the Kurviger app? Could be convenient, escpecially while being off the route (with deactivated automatic rerouting).

Have fun and ride safe!


Extra bluetooth navigation display--> integration with kurviger app?
Route indicator while in navigation

Thanks for the interesting idea Mario!

There seem two cases: guide along a calculated route or indicate next point when off route.

First case is like classic navigation, for the second case we had discussed in old forum to add a breathing marker, like when location marker gets off screen.

Location marker occupies a specific area on map, how much data can add to it and be readable.
Or do you mean more like for a large / full screen implementation?



For a first approach, I have something like a mix of both in mind: an (additional) arrow, indicating the direction of the the next waypoint (indepently of being on or off the route). Considering the previous idea from the old forum this arrow eventually would point in the direction, where the “breathing” indicator would be located on the map view.

Sounds simple, but could be quite helpful in various situations.



For reference, we had discussed about route indicator also here.

One elegant enhancement of current HUD could be to replace the warning sign when being off route, with a rotating arrow pointing to nearest waypoint or destination for easy guidance.

Depending also if displayed distance / time are selected for next waypoint or destination (discussed here).



Very nice idea!



Implemented in Kurviger 1.7.