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I only wished there was a way that if following a route and for some reason the route cannot be followed exactly, due to a road closure or whatever, the app automatically brings you back on the route so the route can be continued. Now it is a matter of zooming out the map, and try to drive back to the route myself…not very convenient…same for the need for turning off the automatic calculation if a route is followed. Is there a way to just put a waypoint on the route and drive to there and then pick up the route again…

That’s what “automatic recalculation” is doing. No need to zoom around.
Can you give us an example where it doesn’t work as expected?

Why do you think that automatic recalculation needs to be switched off?
Of course, any recalculation will change your original route in some way. That’s what it is supposed to do.

If you have a few shaping points on your route, automatic recalculation should bring you back to your route. It should not change your route more than needed.

ok thank you, I thought that automatic recalculation would bring you to the nearest shaping point which isnt necessarily on the initial route itself…if the end of the route or roundtrip is closer to where I am or the next shaping point, does automatic calculation bring me anyway to the next shaping point on the route? So does it have the same behavior for a roundtrip, because that is what I meant…next weekl I will do some trips in Germany, create a route in Kurviger online, starting from the hotel and finally ending at the hotel, so if there is a road closed, need to deviate from the route/roundtrip, will automatic recalculation bring me back on the route?..thanks!

The exact behavior depends on the settings.
“Settings | navigation | strict navigation” on/off

  • With strict navigation rerouting guides you to the next unvisited waypoint - No WP is omitted, but you loose some flexibility.
  • Without strict navigation recalculation picks the nearest WP. Yes, this might lead to unwanted shortcuts, depending on route geometry.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Anyway, I would recommend a shaping point every ~10km.
And save (=export) your route in *.kurviger format on the smartphone. Than you can reload your route in case something goes terribly wrong.

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Ganz nützlich wäre eine automatische “Shaping Point einfügen” Funktion in der APP.
So ähnlich wie bei der Webseite.
Man gibt einfach an wieviele Shaping Points man ein gerne hätte.


Thank you for the explanation, final question on this topic though, so your advice is to manually add shaping points in a roundtrip created in Kurviger tourer, is that correct? Ideally these would be included automatically…

There is available an operation guide to get familiar with the app and its operation. There you find solutions to your question.

Here the link to the part of navigation and more in EN and DE:
EN: Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS Recording, Screen Lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS-Aufzeichnung, Displaysperre, Rerouting, Mehr, Offline-Benutzung [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

And a lot more info in the whole guide. Here the link to the intro with links to the main parts of the guide:
EN: Operating Guide to Kurviger App, Content and Intro [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: Bedienungsanleitung für die Kurviger App, Inhalt und Einleitung [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

There e.g you also find links to FAQs and more info to the app, route planning and route transfer.

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Many thanks for your help here!!

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Yes, I would add a few extra shaping points. These shaping points are the “anchor points” of your route. In case you deviate from the route, rerouting takes you back to the next waypoint.
Place your waypoints at roads you want to go - away from intersections!

It is not done automatically, because it difficult to find good places. Doing this manualy on the website is easy - click click click, finished.

Hi Marc,

here is how I solve this problem:

  1. set each 10-20 km a shaping point
  2. save the planned route on your navigation device
  3. in case of a closed road you may either choose ‘vermeide Straßensperre’ or ‘nächsten Wegpunkt überspringen’ (sorry, don’t know the accurate english translation)
  4. if something odd happens to your route during or are on it (deviation or closed route), reload the original saved one and you should be good to continiue
  5. if you take a ride on a saturday or sunday you can mostly take closed roads as there are no more road works ongoing, but you should not be afraid of gravel or crushed rock :wink:

Have a pleasant trip in Germany


I had the same problem as Marc_S. I found a solution that might help Marc_S.

I set a route to a neighbouring town. After I set and engaged the the route I realised that the Settings > Navigation > Strict route following was toggled on. I didn’t want this setting so I turned it off. I then commenced my trip but didn’t follow the Kurviger route. I expected that Kurviger would show a route that would try to get me back to the quickest route to my destination. This did not happen. The Kurviger route on the phone remained the same as before I turned off Strict route following option.

Ok, so I had the similar problem as Marc_S. I thought that I didn’t have this problem on other trips.

On the return trip home I made sure that Strict route following was turned off before setting the return route home. Again I didn’t follow the route determined by Kurviger. However, this time Kurviger tried to get me back to the quickest way home. Kurviger now worked as expected.

Moto of this story is switch Strict route following on/off before setting up and engaging a route.

My 2 c worth.

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Maybe a stupid question but had you ‘Routen Neuberechnung’ turned on in the navigation settings? If not, the App will do no re-routing to the origin route.

No it was turned off after the route was engaged.

Hi, many thanks for the good advice, really appreciated :grinning:

Again thanks, let me take a bit more time, yesterday we followed the roundtrip we made, with lots of shaping points, however we were stopped by a roadblock , and there was no way to go to the next shaping point as it kept sending us back to the roads , there were several roads closed on the route, because of the same roadblock, …solution finally after being send back twice to the same point, I used Google maps to go to a place on the Kurviger route and was able to follow the route from there. It would be nice if you could tap a point on the Kurviger route and go to there first and folllow to route, it was a bit frustrating , it would be nice if the app would automatically bring you back to the correct route, especially if you turn of automatic recalculation, txs

You turn off automatic recalculation and expect to be automatically guided back to the route? Strange!

You can use avoid roadblock!

skip next waypoint may help here too. If the shaping point is in a closed road segment, you need to tell that Kurviger somehow.
Google maps probably knew of the closed road and thus could route around it.

If you have turned off automatic recalculation you can trigger a manual recalculation at any time.

More info can be found in the documentation:

No, I dont expect that, I pushed this triangle that appears when you missed the route but it did not bring me back on the route, instead it kept on bringing me back to the point where the road was blocked, so the route from where the road was blocked…

That is exactly what I did, manual recalculation but this doesnt work if it keeps on redirecting me to a closed road, and doesnt give the opportunity to follow an alternative route to the next shaping point…how do I tell Kurviger that the waypoint is on a closed road segment?

as already said: