Avoiding U-turns

Hi. Me and my buddies don’t have any problem with that, but all the girls I know hate U-turns. For the sake of motorized girls (but of course not only!) please consider introducing such a restriction on the Website and in the Application.

I rarely get lost in navi, but I often consciously enter a different route than suggested by navigation because this is my whim (but sometimes a necessity). In that case, a U-turns avoiding would also be useful to me.

Let’s not make this a gender topic!

In general, u-turns are penalized in navigation, like when missing the route and needing to recalculate the route. If the route without a u-turn is too far (or boring) Kurviger will ask you to turn around instead.

If there are cases, where you think this could be improved, it would be nice if you could share examples.

Kurviger is powered by the GraphHopper Routing API
which provides a parameter related to u-turns:

Default: false
If true, u-turns are avoided at via-points with regard to the heading_penalty. Requires ch.disable=true.

You can try it on some website routes.
I do not know if it is worth adding it as an option along with the other avoidance options.