Avoid closed streets (road construction)

Hi all,

after having 3 times a closed road that causes a longer diversion I tried to find out if there is any good work around to avoid this. It is the same all the time. Nearly no day-trip that I plan where I do not come to a “road closed” sign. Then I need google maps to check what is really closed and if it affects me. Then I replan my route.

Is there no way / tool / etc to make a pre check based on the actual google maps data?

greetings - Marco

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Bevor man eine Route in der Kurviger App startet kann man sie als GPX Track
in den TomTom MyDrive Planer importieren
um zu sehen wo aktuelle Baustellen und Sperrungen sind.

Gibt es Baustellen… ändert man die Route im Kurviger Planer noch und fährt seine Tour ohne Baustellen.

TomTom MyDrive

TomTom MyDrive kann nach Registrierung kostenlos genützt werden.

Before you start a route in the Kurviger app you can import it as a GPX Track
into the TomTom MyDrive planner to see where
to see where current road works and closures are.

If there are road works… you can change the route in the Kurviger planner and drive your tour without road works.

TomTom MyDrive can be used for free after registration.


Hi Marco,

I’m sorry but Google Maps data is proprietary and closed source, we cannot use that freely. They do have interfaces for some data, but I think live traffic is not among them. Please find a loooot more information on that in this thread, where the programmer of Kurviger explains that a bit more:

Now to your question of what we can do:
You probably already know that Kurviger is based on OpenStreetMap.org data. So what you can do if you find a road closure is you can enter it into OSM (even with a start and end time if you know that) and then all of your fellow bikers can benefit from your edit. If you’re not familiar with OSM you can try their easy tutorial and then let us know where you get stuck, and we can assist

@Biker please keep threads in English when the discussion was started in English, thank you

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I know that it is not really possible to use the GMaps data & I know that it is good to update OSM data but often the roads are only closed for a short or unknown time. Than this is hard. Especially in areas you do not know good.

The text from @Biker was deleted because it was german - but I got it in my mails. The idea was to load the gpx track in tomtom my drive (in the browser) to see if roads are closed. I just tested this - works great. This is the workaround I look for :slight_smile: I also tried to do this with GMaps but it didn’t really work. So I can check my routes before I start

The reason why it does not work with GMaps is that if you import the gpx track in MyMaps there is no traffic information available. And in normal GMaps the mymaps Tracks are missing…


Current traffic data is overestimated when riding a motorbike. I can ride through 98% of all road works on my motorbike. I just treat it as a natural gravel passage, regardless of the motorbike. In 2% of cases, I just ride around it.


This is not really a help because it does not adress the real problem. I also know that it is theoretical possible to drive through most of them.
But often you don’t want to really risk this when a 20 km road is closed and the real construction is on the last 3 km. If it does not work you lose a lot of time. And when they work often they are not happy when you arrive…
And second point is that in the meantime here in my area they “really close” the road with all they have. Often it even with a biciyle hard to go through… than it is not a big fun with the motobike

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Hi Marco,
I just test the Option use TomTom my drive.
Thanks for the hint. You can load the GPX file. It works properly.
If you have register at TomTom you find your Routing also in the TomTom App.
As long you have a TomTom device this can be a every day solution.
As long you use the Kurviger App it can be help, specially when you are the
poor guy in front of a group :wink:
In depence of where are you are travelling, it will help,
Here in North Germany the often block the streets also on Weekends without any reason,
I don’t need or better i ignore the road construction info. :wink:


Small correction, there was a misunderstanding, I was merely wishing for it to be in German :sweat_smile: The community has agreed that in this forum everybody is allowed to answer in the language they like, I only recommend we try to keep mixing to a minimum where we can :slight_smile:

We as mods will never just delete or censor content unless it blatantly violates the community guidelines. The user deleted it themself and it is now restored

I will be more careful with my words in future so that nobody feels threatened by mere recommendations and I have apologized to Biker

Now back to topic:

I fully agree, and those are exactly the cases for which most often we could do something by editing the OSM data. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I truly believe it’s a piece of the puzzle, if one knows of a big road construction one should add it in OSM


If everyone would only correct the errors that are close to their home, then OSM would be close to perfect. It is really astonishing how fast the map improves and if you start doing it yourself you suddenly see how Kurviger changes and your routes will be calculated as expected. It is wishful thinking, but I believe due to Kurviger, a lot of OSM data has been updated over the years, which is great for the community.


I already do this … even though I have already covered longer distances. To remember the location of a disability, I always send myself a location WhatsApp. Works great… :slight_smile:


Can someone send me a link to the documentation how to maintain the OSM maps please?