Automotive mode


When Im riding the app navigates “from above”. What I mean is that the blue line is not angled such as in google maps, I think this called automotive mode. Is it possible to change to this setting? I find it much more confy to follow.


You can enable the map tilt during navigation via Settings | Navigation | Map tilt.

thanks ! And how can one disable the tilted mode in the routing, I mean In the map screen (where you decide where to go) I have it in tilted mode. It would be best if the map screen is birds eye (from above) and the navigation screen is automotive/tilted.


Navigation settings are applied only there, so if have enabled rotation or tilt they’re used during navigation.

In regular map view mode can revert map rotation / tilt if tap the compass.
(see also related documentation)

You can also tilt and un-tilt the map using a two-finger up/down swipe.

Indeed and can check all available map gestures in documentation too.

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