Automatic (Re-)Naming of Target (Ziel) not consistent


might be related to this thread, and possibly more.

I use the app Kurviger-app for some months and this issue is on of the most confusing to me. Sometimes the naming of the points feel like a feature, sometimes as a bug.
I concentrate here on the automatic naming of the target. Other cases may be more complex.

Kurviger app version: 2.2.23

Each testcase starts with cleared route and a start point. Only the way the target is set differs.

Case 1: Set target by pressing a point on the map, e.g. some building in a street.

  • Press on map > Set as target
  • Check name > Name is (DE) “Ziel” (EN: I assume “target”)
  • It seems to me that “Ziel” is the default name
    Now I move the target:
  • Hold > Move
  • Check name > Name is still “Ziel” > ok - as expected

Case 2: Set target from address entry

  • Search address > SomeTown, SomeStreet, SomeHousenumber
  • Choose on map > set as target
  • Check name > Name is named from entered address > ok
    Now I move the target:
  • Hold > Move
  • Check name > Name is still same address > unexpected
    Expected: Name is reset to default, as not related to entered address

Case 3: Set target from bookmarks

  • Menu > Bookmarks > choose entry “MyBookmark” > Set as target
  • Check name > Taget is named from bookmark “MyBookmark”
    Now I move the target:
  • Hold > Move
  • Check name > Name is still “MyBookmark” > unexpected
    Expected: Name is reset to default, as not related to bookmark.

Case 4: Change target from bookmarks again
Follow up to case 3. target is set from bookmarks, I choose a new target from bookmarks

  • Check name > Name is still “MyBookmark” > unexpected
    Expected: Name is set to name of newly chosen bookmark.

I am not aware of the implementation. By executing these tests It could be something like this in pseudo code:

  1. Set name to default “Ziel”
  2. If an address is entered and the name is default, then change to name of address.
  3. If a bookmark is chose, and the name is default, then change to name of bookmark.

I think the application is not aware why it was renamed from default - was it set by the app or has the user changed the name? When I create a bookmark, for me it is an address, not just a name. Same for an entered address. If the position changes, the name may not be the same.

In other words:

  • If the name of the target is set by the application, it may/must be renamed or reset by the application when the point is moved
  • If I have changed the name of the target manually myself - then I decided for some good reason to give it a user defined name - and the application may not rename it automatically.

Many words - I am sorry for this. But as I said, it feels not consistent. In case of misunderstandings comments and critics are welcome.


Some waypoint names are set from their sources to help users.
e.g. search or bookmarks

If you find that confusing, I can disable it. :wink:

Start → Via point X → Shaping point X → End are labels when there are no names.

Editing a waypoint, can see if it has a custom name or not.

Waypoint names cannot be changed / deleted automatically by the app.
Only users can change / delete waypoint names.

Moving waypoints to a more precise place obviously should not delete the names.

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Haha, you would do that - only for me? Your me hero :rofl:
Not at all, that is not my point.

That is also not my point to find out if it has a custom name. I am not sure, when you say “custom name” we both mean the same. For me a “custom name” is a name that I have manually set by my own decision. For me a custom name is not a name that the application has set by an address entry or choosing a bookmark. I would call this an “automatic name”.

I do not understand this. When I choose a bookmark, the name of the target is now the name of the bookmark. This was the app and not me.

Ok, you might be some steps ahead as you are talking here about waypoints. As I understood from others threads it can and will be complex. That is why I wanted to concentrate just on the Ziel/Target. If we mix it, we have complexity, I wanted to avoid this.

An address like “Town, Street, House-Number” - from my point it is a defined point. It is not obvious that it should keep the name, when I move it somewhere else. And yes for me, 1 mm to left or right - I would accept, that the name is deleted and it would obvious to me.

Same for bookmark: When I save bookmark I saved a defined point, the name for the bookmark is an alias for that point. And yes, also this would be obvious to me. When I prefer to have another point behind my bookmark, I would set it, and save the bookmark again.

Yes. I have a current usecase for this. I found a nice sea, saved it as a bookmark. Some minutes later, I found a parking lot on the map some hundred meters away. And now guess - was I too lazy to update the bookmark? Yes - you won :smile:
But now comes the point again with “custom name”. In case I would have manually renamed the target - after choosing the bookmark - then it would have been a “custom name” in my understanding. And in this case, it looses the reference to the bookmark and moving the point must not change the name.

Users agreed in the past when set start / end again while they exist,
that they keep their properties (name, profile, …), like moving them.

App offers the convenience to automatically set waypoint names,
when their source is search or bookmarks.

Changing or deleting waypoint names automatically is not correct.
Based on what, their movement distance? Others do not like that.

So we should focus on simple operation ( → maintenance).

The only alternative is to disable the automatic names of waypoints.
And only users can set / edit / delete waypoint names, not the app.

Hi. Many thanks for your clarifying explanation. Now I know it is expected bahaviour. All this in a nightshift (no one should expect this). Great job and great app.

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Hi, Thorsten.

The app tries to keep things simple.
As far as I know:

  • There is no substantial difference between start end, or any waypoint in between. These are all treated as “waypoints”
  • Automatic naming is a feature, when you first set a waypoint.
    It only happens the fist time a waypoint is set.
  • If a waypoint has already a name the app does not know, whether it was set automatically or by the user. The app does not keep track how a waypoint name was set.

Names set by the user should not be changed automatically.
The user may have a good reason why he has given a specific name.
It may be anything, e.g. “Time for lunch”.:wink:
Changing that automatically would be very annoying.

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Yes, this is the important information, I already understood from devemux’s explanation. The things are just simple, it is not a bug, no need to be confused.