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Auto zoom: Distance or Speed?

Which of the two auto zoom modes do you use the most and why?

  • Distance
  • Speed

Note that speed based auto zoom will offer more enhancements:

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I definitely use speed based auto zoom more often, because otherwise the map is often fully zoomed out even in very slow passages (like during a series of hairpins in the mountains). Then again, the obvious drawback of a speed-only based zoom is that if you approach a turning point at higher speed, it zooms in very late. One example: You approach a turning point on a country road at 100 km/h. Most other GPS solutions I know would begin to zoom in at a given distance, even when you are not yet decelerating. It would be really cool to have that “prospective” zoom-in in Kurviger, too. Would that be possible to do?


I have only used Distance Zoom for the last three years. But since a few months i got used to Speed Zoom.

I only use speed based zoom and it`s perfect during navigation. Just miss it for following mode.

Very happy with distance based zoom with these settings at my Samsung Galaxy S7:

Never tried speed based. But I will give it a try! Should I let settings same for speed based zoom as for distance based?

Me too.
I started using speed based zoom since its introduction.
It is working so good, that I didn’t switch back.
I like both auto zoom variants and can’t decide which I like more.

Maybe a combination as @SpeedyBO proposed could be a further improvement.

There isn’t area for any further combination.
Speed auto zoom is not a simple speed interpolation,
but a complicated algorithm which will be more adjustable in next version.

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Sounds great, looking forward to that!

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In my case I use Speed.

I use speed based zoom. This works for me fine. There are some limitations as SpeedyBO has already mentioned. If there could be an improvement I will be even more happy.