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Auto/vehicle train

Any ideas why kurviger doesn’t take the train/tunnel here?



Vor 11 Tagen wurden Änderungen vorgenommen, ich würde noch etwas warten bis kurviger die Datenbank aktualisiert hat. Was mich persönlich irritiert ist service alley laut Google Maps sieht das nicht wie eine Gasse für mich aus.

11 days ago changes were made, I would wait a little longer until kurviger has updated the database. What irritates me personally is service alley according to Google Maps this doesn’t look like an alley to me.

I meanwhile have news that - indeed - the changes you mention seem to cause the trouble. Particularly, route=shuttle_train seems to make a difference (I was told.)

@boldtrn, can you confirm that the route tag is used by graphhopper/kurviger?

Also, I think you do copy the data from openstreetmap.org in regular intervals (2 weeks?) Is there a way to speed this up somehow? Or how does one best debug these settings?


Yes, the route tag is used. This is also used for ferries.

It’s updated weekly, but the data is usually not older than two weeks.

Currently there are some issues with the OSM data update process. I am working on speeding this up and make this more stable. I am planning to switch to a more frequent update cycle in the future.

You can check the osm data date easily yourself: Website: Show date of routing data

Hi Robin

This still doesn’t seem to work although the map in kurviger is now dated 15.6.2020. I also checked the OSRM routing in openstreetmap and this has been working proper for a while now.

tauerntunnel - OSRM

Is there still anything wrong with the data?


Thanks for the update. I will double check this situation and try to find out what is happening here under the hood. I will keep you updated once I know what is happening (expect a few weeks though).