Ask for route name when sharing route via short link / show route name during planning


as far as I can see Kurviger (Web and App) saves the name of the route given during export and adds this name to short links created via “Share”.
Example: Use TestTrip | Kurviger and choose “Export” afterwards - you shold see “TestTrip” in route name field.
If no export has been done before, the name seems to be empty (no name given).
So - if planning a route - user has to keep in mind to export and give a name before sharing via short link, if a route name in short link is desired.
And first of all: User has to know that a route name can be added to short link that way (to be honest: I did not know, but have seen that some short link had names and started thinking about how to achieve it - but perhaps I overlooked that in documentation).
But I really like the feature to give routes a name, therefore I have 2


  1. Ask for the route name when creating a short link, e.g. a field which is initialized with a previous given name / name from import (target: User gets a reminder to give a name or to change the name if the export name should not become public :wink: )
  2. Show the route name during route planning (Web: Perhaps between buttons “Add further destination” and “Search”:image ,
    App: tbd., perhaps in menu in brackets behing heading “Routing”, has anyone any better ideas?



That’s an interesting idea, I haven’t thought of that yet. Thanks for the proposal.