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Hello, I use the Kurviger Pro App Android (offline) without a SIM card in the phone. The arrival time is never correct when navigating! Is there a solution, especially after diversions or small deviations from the route?

Can you explain in more detail, with some example?

If you mean the estimated time of arrival in navigation panel,
it is calculated live from the current time + rest time of travel.

Travel time comes from the calculated route in Kurviger server or BRouter.

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For example, yesterday I went on a longer tour. departure was around 9.00 a.m. arrival according to kurviger at the start 5.10 p.m. quite realistic! after several recalculations due to diversions, the arrival time was later at 00:35, although the distance has been shortened in some cases. The clock in the cell phone without a SIM card is set correctly.

Could it be because there is no SIM in the mobile phone? then has no server connection!

Without internet did you use offline routing?

Are you sure you were looking at the time of arrival?
With clock icon: image

Or the remaining time?
With timer icon: image

You can switch them by tapping the icon (see the manual).

Yes Offline!
Yes with arrivel with clock icon!
With remaining time i have the time difference from start time to arrival time!

That means your tour was planned for ~8h

And you actually arrived after midnight?
So instead of planned ~8h it took ~15h?

Could you share a (kurviger-) link to your route?

The route was planned with the app. BR router is installed.

1st image shows the arrival time (clock icon),
2nd image shows the remaining time (timer icon).

Adding the remaining time 4:12 to the current time 10:52 has the result of arrival time 15:04.

Speed is less than 20 km/h, maybe there’s selected a bike profile in Brouter…

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Use a NETZCLUB simcard. It cost nothing,300MB free/month.It works well.When the data volume is used up, the speed is reduced to 62kb / s, which is enough for Kurviger.

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