Application restarts when (dis)connect bluetooth device

Yesterday we had a Route with 3 via Points and several shaping Points. On every via point we made a longer stop. So I paused the Navigation. After that I starte navigation again but I have to wait until all divers are ready. During this timeframe the Navigation unexpectedly stops without any Interaktion and no movement. This happens on every waypoint. I guess this happens after 30-60s without movement. Navigation Mode was strict Navigation.

What do you mean “stops”, does the navigation turns off completely and button was white?

Please write more details, were other devices connected to the phone?
Also copy the “Settings | About | Info” to see the device details.

Or navigation was in background, like with closed screen?
Then please check the documentation and the related instructions:

The navigation turns off and button was white.
Headset is connected to the device.
Other applications running are Amazon Music and Tempomaster.
Apps are running without restrictions and optimizations.
Kurviger App is in foreground always.

The waypoint are set on the road, but I guess it happens because the bikes are standing in a parking lane beside the road and kurviger wants to navigate back. Navigation can be turned on, but then i have to move immediately otherwise navigation will stop again.
If you need any further information please let me know.

Thanks for the extra details.

Navigation turns off (its button becomes white) only by user or if reach destination.

Cannot know if it’s related to other report mentioned here.

Cannot understand, how is that possible?
Please provide the route sample and where you restart navigation.

If its a problem with the bluetooth device, how can i solve this issue?

What device is that?
Have you tried without that device to see if it works correctly?

No currently not, oh and i forgot that i also activated Wunderlinq as external device. Will turn it off and try again. Next trip is planned on Thursday. I will check this and give you a report afterwards.

Thanks for your quick response. :+1: :blush:

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Please disable all those external devices also in app settings to make more tests. :slightly_smiling_face:

Found out, that disabling the WunderLINQ device in Bluetooth Settings solves the Problem. Will contact the WunderLINQ Team if they can help me

Seems to be that this is the same problem. WunderLINQ developer says this must be a problem with kurviger. Other navigation Apps do not have that navigation stop issue. Tested it with OsmAnd no Problem there

Kurviger users have reported that WunderLINQ works fine with their devices.

Like other apps, we use the onKeyUp method according to their instructions.

But there seems to be an issue somewhere. Something must happen when the Bluetooth Device, which is configured in Bluetooth as Input device, connects and disconnects. Tested it with 2 Andoid devices with Android 9, same issue. I guess it is not the Zooming but more or less the connect and disconnect of the input device. Also tested it with OSMAnd, no issue.
Do you declare that you handle the connect disconnect events of a BT-Device by your self : Android will reinitialize an app when the BT keyboard connection status changes, but apps can declare to Android that the app will handle the event itself and therefore avoid the reload.

Do you mean the android:configChanges, which one?

Nothing related has changed recently, so the app should work like all previous versions.

Then navigation doesn’t stop like the initial report mentions,
but application restarts when (dis)connect external devices.
Is this really the case?

Navigation stops when BT device is connected or disconnected. I was wondering why other users do not experience any problems with WunderLINQ.

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More plausible seems to restart the application (easy to see).
(and looks like the navigation stops)

So far android:configChanges includes the keyboardHidden flag.
I can add the “keyboard” too and we’ll see if that solves the case.

If that flag helps, i will test itfor you.
I tested it on 4 devices : Samsung Galaxy Tab A, XIAOMI Redmi Note 5, XIAOMI Redmi Note 8, Blackview BV550 Pro. Its does not make any difference if Kurviger is in foreground or background.
Also it does not make any difference if WunderLINQ is set as external device in Kurviger or not. Navigation is stopped in each case when WunderLINQ is connected/disconnected via BT.
Call me, if i can do further investigations in the issue,

Could be that WunderLINQ or other devices do something different in bluetooth connection.

Because all these years we had never seen any issues or reports with all other BT devices.

I also use a Bluetooth Headset which causes no issue on connect/disconnect. Could this happen for devices of type input device only?

Good to have another voice regarding this issue. Recognize the same behavior with bluetooth connect and disconnect. I’m happy to test your idea Devemux86!