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App: WunderLINQ Integration

I would like to see the WunderLINQ Integration to the KURVIGER App.
It´s clear to me, that this work will help the current and future WunderLINQ owners only…

So they may vote :wink:

The topic is also discussed in some BMW Forums. I will ask the guys to vote for her as well. I hope that many will vote and that we will get the desired function in the app.

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Can you post the links?

The desired links in the following. Please note, for some of them we need a registration to read the content.




Much is discussed in the last link. But you can only see this if you log in. Unfortunately.


Thanks, video & review in 2nd link describe nicely the possibilities and the difficulties with the apps depending their structure.

Map scroll / zoom may seem possible, but app UI / menu seems requiring UI changes to highlight selections with different color, etc.

I think if scrolling / zooming with the wheel works, that would be a great thing at the beginning.

Hi devemux86 (not knowing your real name - sorry)

Thanks first for reviewing the requirements :slight_smile:
I do suggest you to get in contact with Keith Conger. WunderLINQ Integration
He is one of the WunderLINQ owners and developers. So he is able to give you the details for the minimum functions required.

Thanks a gain for having a look into this, what ever the results will be.

Best regards,

Es würde ja schon reichen die Zoomfunktion mit ein zubinden.

Bei Locus musste ich nur die Config Datei anpassen Siehe unten.

Hallo Thorsten,
es gibt ein paar Dinge, die du ausprobieren könntest:

a) Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die HW-Tastensteuerung in Locus aktiviert ist (gehen Sie zu Locus-Einstellungen> Steuern> Kartenbildschirm> Benutzerhardwaretasten> EIN).

b) Gehen Sie in das Locus-Verzeichnis / config.cfg, öffnen Sie es in einem beliebigen Texteditor und bearbeiten Sie die folgenden Parameter:

Tasten, die die Zoom-Aktion steuern

hardware_buttons_action_map_zoom_in = 81 | 24 | s70 | 97 | 19

Tasten, die die Aktion “Verkleinern” steuern

hardware_buttons_action_map_zoom_out = 69 | 25 | 96 | 20

c) Speichern Sie die Datei config.cfg und starten Sie Locus Map neu.

und es läuft.

Gruß Thorsten

Hi devemux86,

I’m the WunderLINQ app developer, please let me know how I can help.

A basic integration is documented here.

Basically we have you map the ESCAPE key to open our URL. We also need some launch intents or URLs so we can:

  • Open Kurviger without interrupting current navigation
  • Open Kurviger to view a waypoint
  • Open Kurviger to navigate to a waypoint

This allows back and forth flow between the apps and for us to open Kurviger in the scenarios we use.

The other feature is zoom in/out with UP and DOWN keys.

There isn’t needed any config file in Kurviger, so cannot see the usefulness of that.

There was a similar doc and could not understand how would benefit specifically Kurviger app.

But Kurviger is the active navigator.

Kurviger is supposed to be already opened for such workflows + navigation.

Seems there is a misunderstanding, the request is to make app modifications so that other apps are used instead of Kurviger?

To worth our resources, the scenario could be to use Kurviger app via the control instead of gestures.


Sorry for the confusion. There are two parts to the WunderLINQ. First is the hardware which provides a limited keyboard with UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,ESCAPE and ENTER. The second is the WunderLINQ App which you could think of as a launcher and control hub. The WunderLINQ app will control music playback, control GoPros, view performance data and faults and launch Navigation Apps.

The WunderLINQ app would launch Kurviger in those three scenarios I listed previously. The user would then use Kurviger for their navigation needs. But say down the road the user wants to turn on GoPro recording, they could use escape to go back to the WunderLINQ app, start GoPro recording and then they would use the WunderLINQ navigation shortcut to go back to Kurviger to finish their navigation.

A deeper integration in Kurviger would be full control of the UI, like what Scenic currently does. The document I provided is a basic integration that allows us to go back and fourth between the WunderLINQ app and suggests UP/DOWN for map zooming.

Here are some videos that illustrate what a basic integration looks like.



Thanks for the explanation.

Is that available on Google Play and does it work on Android emulator with pc keyboard so can be tested on development environment?

So seems there are 3 functions:

  • Handle map via the control hardware
  • Integration of Kurviger with control’s app
  • Deep handling of Kurviger UI / menus

First function seems more straightforward.
For the 2nd function and specially the 3rd function, more serious app changes could be needed, as app was not constructed with such external interactivity in mind.


Yes, the app is free in the store and you can use any Bluetooth keyboard to test.

Thanks for looking into this.

Regular wired keyboards available to everyone don’t work?

Just looking at the options.

It’s important when have time to can test on Android emulator with regular equipment (e.g. wired keyboard) like do with all other development.

Yes, sorry wired also works.