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No, I don’t think so. But for this reason it is very important that things should be kept as simple as possible (and this is something devemux86 is really very aware of). And to keep in mind that all default options and functions should work properly for “basic” users without the need to “learn” too much aspects.

But if someone is willing to “dive deeper” he will be rewarded by having a really powerful tool which can be adjusted for his very personal and individual needs.

And there’s a difference between discussing “internal” algorithms and using them later as a regular user (when all those “internal” aspects aren’t visible any longer but instead the app just “works”).


The discussed improvements were implemented in Kurviger 1.13.3 (Beta).

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Wouldn’t it be helpful to name the “shaping-points” differently? The expression is already used by Garmin - it could therefore lead to misunderstandings. Just an idea …

They’re named like that because they’re the same waypoint types and so the term is well known.

I set up all routes on the website and then transfer it to my cell by URL link. How do I select which waypoint type on the website? How could I convert over 100 routes from stopover points to shaping points? Could you make the default shaping point on app and website and then manually select points to be stopover points. Could there be a 2 switches on app, 1) notify shaping points, 2) notify stopover points?

Waypoint types in app are according to the standards.
Via points have turn instructions, shaping points don’t.

You can change them in their menu or list (seen here).

Better discuss that in website’s feature topic:

I like and support this idea (or a default selection in the option menu), because most of my waypoints are shaping points.

Website creates turn instructions for all waypoints, so the default actually is not shaping points.

Das stimmt, aktuell wird es ein wenig kompliziert. Gestern habe ich folgendes festgestellt: Wegpunkte ohne Beschriftung werden mit voller Koordinate angesagt , sehr nervig bei 14 Zahlen. Also habe ich aus den Wegpunkten Formpunkte gemacht. Wenn ich jetzt auf Navigation drücke aber nicht am Start bin und auf Standard gehe ändert sich die ganze Strecke!? :thinking:
That’s right, things are getting a little complicated right now. Yesterday I found out the following: Waypoints without labels are announced at full coordinates, very annoying with 14 numbers. So I made form points from the waypoints. If I now press Navigation but am not at the start and go to Standard, the whole route changes! :thinking:

Waypoint types in app are according to the standards.
Via points have turn instructions, shaping points don’t.

For rerouting see the relevant discussion leading here.

(always post route samples and app settings or it’s impossible to understand the report)

I could allow turn instructions only for via points which have names explicitly set externally.
Everyone finds that useful?


Das fände ich persönlich gut, wenn nur Wegpunkte angesagt werden die vom Benutzer benannt wurden bzw. die einen Namen z.B. Jagdschloss Grillenburg, Pause oder ähnliches haben.
Personally I would like that, if only waypoints are announced which were named by the user or which have a name e.g. Jagdschloss Grillenburg, Pause or similar.

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Really? I can not reproduce this.
What was the source of your route?
Did you import it from somewhere?

Probably means via points (not shaping points), which now all have turn instructions.
Either custom ones or auto generated (Via point 1, 2, …).

Ich habe mir Vorgestern diese Route im Web erstellt. Über Exportieren verschiebe ich die Routen in Google Drive. Auf dem Handy öffne ich Google Drive, klicke auf die entsprechende Datei und öffne sie mit der Kurviger-App. Wenn man auf die Wegpunkte klickt, sieht man die Beschriftung, in meinem Fall viele Zahlen. Diese Zahlen wurden angesagt… Bisher muss ich sagen hatte ich das so auch noch nicht, bisher wurde Wegpunkt 1 etc. angesagt. Keine Ahnung was Gestern anders war, als sonst. :thinking:
I created this route on the web the day before yesterday. I use Export to move the routes in Google Drive. On my mobile phone I open Google Drive, click on the corresponding file and open it with the Kurviger app. If you click on the waypoints, you see the label, in my case many numbers. These numbers were announced… Up to now I have to say that I did not have that either, so far waypoint 1 etc. was announced. No idea what was different yesterday than usual.

If waypoints are not shaping points and have names, then they have turn instructions.
That is the standard and expected behavior everywhere else, so nothing wrong here.

The error is where those coordinates entered in the route in any of the steps.
You need to investigate all the steps and see which process is the erroneous.

It will be available in next version.

That solves also the case of import old routes with many unnamed via points.


[de] Ich finde es toll, wie die app sich entwickelt!
Ich habe ein paar Anmerkungen und Ideen zu den Formpunkten (shaping points), die ich gerne zur Diskussion stelle:

  • es wäre in manchen Situationen hilfreich, wenn die Formpunkte nummeriert wären. Zum Beispiel dann, wenn man in der Wegpunktliste einen Formpunkt nach oben oder unten verschieben möchte.
  • Auf der Karte sind die Wegpunkte nummeriert, in der Wegpunktliste jedoch nicht, wenn ich die Bezeichnung geändert habe. Es wäre auch hier praktisch, wenn in der Wegpunktliste zusätzlich zur Bezeichnung auch die Nummerierung hinzugefügt würde.
  • Die Formpunkte könnten gerne etwas kleiner sein.

[en] I love how the app is developing!
I have a few comments and ideas about the shaping points that I would like to discuss:

  • it would be helpful in some situations if the shaping points were numbered. For example if you want to move a shaping point up or down in the waypoint list.
  • On the map the waypoints are numbered, but not in the waypoint list, if I have changed the name. It would also be practical here if the numbering was added to the waypoint list in addition to the name.
  • The shapingpoints could be a little smaller.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Shaping points are meant to be handled on the map.

Most engines (Google, HERE) don’t show them in waypoints list.
Kurviger is probably the only app instead of not show them at all.

Numbers are placeholders, i.e. auto generated names.
In a list their order is obvious and name is their identity.

That could make touch gestures on them very difficult.

Das mag sein. Aber Basecamp z.B. zeigt sie an und nummeriert sie auch:
So fällt die Identifizierung leichter, wenn man Punkte tauschen möchte. Aber das ist wirklich kein großes Problem, war nur ein Gedanke, der mir beim Bearbeiten einer Route gekommen ist.

That may be so. But Basecamp, for example, displays and numbers them.
This makes identification easier when you want to exchange points. But that’s really not a big problem, was just a thought that came to me when editing a route.