App: Waypoint number in distance panel

I also would prefer the icon instead of number. And there is a reason: When adding or deleting waypoints then the numbers of the remaining waypoints between added or deleted waypoint and destination are changing. Then you can’t refer to a specific number.

We cannot have a setting for every single element, it is impossible.

The icon is nice but icon + number are too wide
and the number was asked in the past.

So the options are to either have the number or not.

I fully agree with you.

To avoid missunderstandings: We are talking about the panel with the circle pointed to:


As stated before there I would prefer the icon instead of the number. One reason I decribed there. Another reason: What about routes with a lot of waypoints, e.g. for several days with more than 100 WPs. Then there e.g. you have a 3 digit number, Symbol always has a width of about 1 digit.

Sometimes things are asked only respecting a special situation. For the app as whole this not always makes sense. Large numbers and large zoom levels in some cases can spoil the panels and graphics.

Users better use the next waypoint panel for a detailed waypoint information.

The right panels are better like in all navigators for information to destination.

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And then you don’t have there any numbers for waypoints in the right panels. That’s a further reason not to change from symbol to number in the distance panel.

Giving the chance to show distance to WP or end in the distance panel is a fine option in the app. With this the user can see the distance and time to the next waypoint with relatively slim panels when not showing the next waypoint panel and you see more from the map. And transparency of the panels is not a solution for all users.

The number appears only when you tap the distance panel to show waypoint info.

Normally the default icon + distance to destination is displayed.

Or with the next waypoint panel, there is no need the right panels to switch displays.
They can remain with the default info for the destination.

Sounds like an option for everybody. The icon stay when you don’t touch it. If one want to display the distance to the 2nd waypoint in the next waypoint panel and the 4th instead the destination you have the option. Why not? Good additional option for me.

This sounds not like a good planning. Even if you have routes with more than 100 WPs, then you would better make 4-5 Waypoints (or Stopps) and the rest as shaping points.

No, I mean that the destination info has the flag icon
and the waypoint info has the number instead of icon.

The next waypoint is selected universally for all panels.

There does not seem to be another implementation without making the panels very wide.
Otherwise we can drop this feature.

Then maybe I don’t understand how it is meant. At the moment the distance to any waypoint can be shown on the top and to the destination at the right hand side. That’s already perfect. Better would only be to my point of view if you could select any WP for the panel on the top and a different one (or the destination) for the right distance panel.

No, let’s not complicate things too much.
Selecting one waypoint to watch is sufficient.

Many users do not like to load the screen with too many panels (as at the top).
Or they do not need the waypoint name.

So the switch function at the right distance panel is still useful.

A possible implementation is displayed above.

Everyone please tell me if you want this feature or not.

I already voted for it. Because it is an information that does not cost space (with users whose waypoint numbers are three digits I have no pity!). I can use this information, for example, to give fellow Garmin or TomTom guys the next start position when their navis go crazy again.

I find it useful

Available in Kurviger 2.2.11 (Beta).

See if you find the number useful or if you prefer the icon, we can cancel the change. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like it :sun_with_face:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: App: Display next waypoint

And I prefer just de distance without the waypoint number


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Waypoint numbers are dynamic (only names are fixed).

Rerouting, skip next waypoint, avoid roadblock change them,
as passed waypoints are removed (only next ones are used).

Waypoint numbers may be useful in routing, not in navigation.
Names should be set on important waypoints (used in panels).

Let’s revert this change and return to the last nice user interface.


Therefore I don’t use these things and find my way back to route via the displayed map. My waypoint numbers are “fix” - but nevertheless sure I accept your decision.

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