App: Waypoint names for shaping points

In the Thread “App:Waypoint names” I asked for waypoint names for shaping points.

Sorry! I’m not familiar with how to make quotes from / to other treads! Therefore I avoid to change from one to another thread.

Nevertheless there is a proposal: Increase useability of Kurviger introducing waypoint names for shaping points.

This proposal was made by @rumbrummer too in the Thread “App: Waypoint names”. There he gave some explanations. And that names are used for shaping points in Garmin (and BMW Navigator)

The reply from @devemux86 was, that at Google Maps, HERE WeGo, etc. names for shaping points are not used. Refering to that he don’t want to introduce editing of names for shaping points.

But on my request in “App: Waypoint names” he wrote:

  • Please create a new topic so that community can discuss the specific suggestion.

Therefore I make this post. Sorry, that I worked without quotes or links to the according posts. But I don’t know how to do it. Perhaps a reader can make a post with quotes or links to the posts in “App: Waypoint names” or other threads with similar content.

It would be nice if in one of the next released Versions of the Kurviger Apps it would be possible to give names to shaping points and to edit it e.g. in the waypoint list too.

What’s the opinion of other users of shaping points?

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App: Waypoint names

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My thoughts (as expressed in another discussion):

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I’m happy to have no names for the shaping points. For me its just to “form” the route.


It will be available in next version.


Implemented in Kurviger 1.14.13.