App: Voice instructions frequency

Provide options for voice instructions frequency:

In the future we could offer the possibility to change the actual distances.

I would vote for this so hard but I am totally out of votes and I like all the other feature proposals just as much :smiley:

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Is this menu intended to replace the
settings | voice instructions | repeat voice instructions setting?!

I would remove the 4km option, or replace it with “Every 10km”
I think most people would be happy with

  • after instruction points
  • 1km
  • 300m
  • go

Where “go” is AFAIK ~80m to compensate for GSP error and bluetooth latency.


Replace and enhance.

There can be one “Every X km” option, what is the most useful distance there?

Next I can offer the possibility to change the distances per case.
Now it’s more a way to turn on / off the existing voice gates.

IMO that should be sufficiant.

If there can be only one “Every X km” then I guess “Every 5 km” should be ok.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.