App: Turn screen off in navigation

Of course. But we’re talking about the OLED/power saver option and then that’s a good option. Obviously, the screen is dimmed ONLY when “nothing is happening”. Brightness returns to normal before maneuvers or during warnings.

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As experienced by the Locus map display control by admin rights such adds unexpectedly annoying operational complications.
The navigation app is than mastering the phone display on off control, by that when switching to an other application (web browse) needs a phone unlock by PIN.
I’m pretty sure a lot of users will start to curse this then new somewhat annoying overbearing Kurviger control.
However it is sure a nice to have feature when operating without using an external power source.
But a display on off control @ instructions than for sure also needs the next necessary feature.
To continuously observe whilst driving a complicated area (de)activate the display on_off by a gesture wave over the proximity sensor.
Best by a white light reflective part on the gloves, or by external bleutooth controller that I thought is supported by the app.

I know this is not an easy topic, as device admin permissions indeed create too many additional problems. So definitely to be avoided.
The following idea txt may also not lead to a desired result. But find a proposal anyway. If refused because too complex, no problem, of course :wink:
No device admin display (788 Bytes)

So I will see what is possible in:

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