App: Switch to pay-as-you-go licensing

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Auch Calimoto nutzt OSM-Karten bzw. die bereitgestellten OSM-Daten. Die Preise bei Calimoto zB " Deswegen wird sich ab dem 03. Mai 2021 der Preis für calimoto Premium in der Jahresmitgliedschaft von aktuell 39,99 EUR pro Jahr auf 49,99 EUR erhöhen. Die Wochenmitgliedschaft steigt von 4,99 EUR auf 6,99 EUR sowie das Alle-Karten-Paket von 69,99 EUR auf 99,99 EUR."

Tante Edit: auch Locus Map hat sein Geschäftsmodell geändert, Version 3.51 als Pro kostete ca. 7,49 €, bekommt noch Updates. Version 4 kommt mit Premiumfunkionen Premium - Locus Map - Outdoor-Navigations-App.

Calimoto also uses OSM maps or the OSM data provided. Prices at Calimoto e.g. " Therefore, from 03 May 2021, the price for calimoto Premium in the annual membership will increase from currently 39.99 EUR per year to 49.99 EUR. The weekly membership will increase from 4.99 EUR to 6.99 EUR as well as the All Map Package from 69.99 EUR to 99.99 EUR."

Aunt Edit: Locus Map has also changed its business model, version 3.51 as Pro cost about €7.49, still getting updates. Version 4 comes with premium features Premium - Locus Map - Outdoor-Navigations-App.

Translated with (free version)


Both seem to use Mapsforge maps with Mapsforge / VTM libraries.
(unfortunately without contributions to upstream open source code)

Disclaimer: I am Mapsforge / VTM administrator and lead developer.


@luckytown thanks for the market research.

It seems that the app subscription price is too low for its features compared to other apps. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, Kurviger 1 Pro + free Web does everything I need.
So I could have stayed with that.

Nevertheless I have subscribed to App + Web, because I want Kurviger to survive.
I think 10€ + 10€ = 20€ is a fair price, despite my general aversion against subscriptions.
Keep up the good work



For me, actually, the previous Pro version of the app, combined with the website’s Tourer subscription was more than sufficient for my needs. (Even before Tourer, I got along just fine.)

Nevertheless, I have now subscribed to both and will continue to do so, if only to honor the tremendous development speed and the great support of the “team”.

I hope it remains with this strategy, which should bring a certain amount of money together with a corresponding number of subscribers.

I hope therefore NOT that there will suddenly be more extra demands for larger extensions (here is reminded of the unspeakable pricing policy of Sygic for their barely functioning “module Android Auto”.). That would be (and was) a reason for me to cancel all subscriptions immediately.

Keep up the good work with this great product!

Für mich war eigentlich die bisherige Pro-Version der App, kombiniert mit dem Tourer-Abo der Website mehr als ausreichend für meine Bedürfnisse. (Selbst vor Tourer bin ich prima zurecht gekommen.)

Trotzdem habe ich jetzt beide Abos gezeichnet und werde das auch beibehalten, allein um die enorme Entwicklungs-Geschwindigkeit und den tollen Support der “Mannschaft” zu honorieren.

Ich hoffe, es bleibt bei dieser Strategie, welche bei entsprechender Anzahl von Abonnenten ja einen gewissen Geldbetrag zusammen bringen dürfte.

Ich hoffe daher NICHT, dass es für größere Erweiterungen (hier sei an die unsägliche Preispolitik von Sygic für ihr kaum funktionierendes “Modul Android Auto” erinnert.) plötzlich weitere Extra-Forderungen geben wird. Das wäre (und war) für mich ein Grund, sofort alle Abos zu kündigen.

Weiter so mit diesem tollen Produkt!


Ich nutze bereits die Web Tourer Version sowie die Pro App.
Habe mir die 2.0.10 Beta version auf meinem Smartphon (Android 8) installiert
und möchte das Abo abschließen.
Ich möchte über Pay Pal hinzufügen abrechnen,aber Pay Pal läßt das
Log in über die Kurviger Seite trotz korrekter Zugangsdaten nicht zu.
Ich habe es über meine beiden Google Kontos die ich eingerichtet habe ausprobiert.
Wenn ich mich zum testen direkt auf der Pay Pal-Seite einlogge gibt es keine Probleme.

The website subscription is not related with the application.
(see the documentation)

Regarding the app subscription, the process is handled exclusively by Google Play.
(like all Android purchases and subscriptions)

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.14.

Kurviger 1 Free + Pro apps are being replaced by one unified Kurviger 2 app.

Kurviger 2 app is free with Pro features as in-app subscription (with free trial).

Kurviger 1 Pro app remains available in your Google Play library
and will be maintained for current owners.
They can continue to enjoy it, but new features will be added in Kurviger 2.

You can transfer your routes, bookmarks, recorded tracks, maps, preferences
to Kurviger 2 app.

The model Free/Pro is no longer sustainable, for further development,
maintenance, third party services, hosting, servers, etc.

This is the only way to keep Kurviger app development alive in the future.
Current model has no more life, it will cause Kurviger app to stop to exist.

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Hello from France,

I am newbies with Kurviger Pro 1.14 and I would like to know if I must pay another licence for Kurviger 2
I read different informations inside this forum and it’s not clear for me.
And top of that congratulation for this application who is’t the best for my using :wink:
I test differents applications as Osmand, Liberty Rider, Here WeGo, AmiGo, Waze… and Kurviger is the best :v:


Thank you for purchasing Kurviger Pro, you can keep using it in the future.
We will maintain and update it for you, so that it runs on the new Androids.

Kurviger 2 is a separate app with extra features as subscription (with free trial).
(all new features apply to Kurviger 2)

Please see the above announcement for more details.

A comparison / overview of Kurviger features exists in documentation.

I just bought Kurviger then the other day it’s announced they are going to start yearly payment. The main reason I bought and I would have been happy to pay more was it’s very good but also I really hate keep pay pay pay.

What is everyone’s thoughts

See here:

Please see above:

I agree but would rather pay a one off fee. All these companies we now need to pay for is getting out of control

So what is the amount of money you would be willing to invest in keeping this fine app (assuming you like it and you use it)?

I would also prefer to pay only once but then…

One last thing that most users seem to forget…

There are also many servers that work for you: routing, maps, forum, etc.
They can not be paid with air, flowers, one-time purchases or donations!

The model Free/Pro is no longer sustainable, for further development, third party services,
maintenance, hosting, servers, etc.
If we continue with it, Kurviger will stop to exist. Therefore we introduced the subscriptions.

We respect that some of you might not like subscriptions.
You may continue using Kurviger 1 Pro.
(it will be maintained for new Androids)


I’m sure we all understand your plight but perhaps you should have done costings and charged accordingly give a choice of one time payment or annual fee. I will not argue that your app is one of the best . Perhaps asking your customer base would have been a good idea. I know you may gain some but loose some perhaps more than you think and that also will destroy you I know if I had realised you were going to do annual fee I would have used other and not bought your app. Beside that there are many glitches like sending you in a completely wrong way or closed roads that don’t exist. I’m in Malaysia and none of these fancy apps really cover these areas properly. Also I’m in the minority when 8t comes to touring so coverage from other bikers is minimal. In the UK people aknowledge with a nod another bike . Here no one does .

This has been done - just read this thread from beginning, and you will see, that this discussion started in July 2018! So - from my point of view - your post gives no new arguments.
Everything has been said already - but not yet from everyone :wink:

Might be caused by wrong OSM data, perhaps the use of OSM in malaysia is not as widely spread as in Europe (you could correct OSM bugs / add OSM data yourself …).