App: Switch to online map info

Android never liked the SD cards…
Each new Android version is becoming more restrictive with file storage.
So indeed the internal storage is the best solution.

Sprache steht auf Standard und Ebenen auf Straßen und Hausnummer

You need to provide more details.
What offline map is open, what coordinates and what zoom.

The forests are usually rendered when vegetation is selected in map layers.

Or the specific area could have some OSM data problem and cannot be seen.
Without more details it is difficult to imagine what could have happened…

Ich denke wichtig wäre für @devemux86 welche Androidversion verwendet wird. Desweiteren wird es wohl sein wie @devemux86 weiter oben schrieb, hat Android vermutlich ein Problem mit der SD-Karte. Hilfreich wäre es die Offlinekarten auf das Handy zu verschieben und zu schauen was passiert. Ich nutze keine SD-Karte und konnte das Problem noch nicht beobachten.

I think it would be important for @devemux86 to know which Android version is being used. Furthermore, as @devemux86 wrote above, Android probably has a problem with the SD card. It would be helpful to move the offline maps to the phone and see what happens. I don’t use an SD card and haven’t seen this problem yet.


Samsung Galaxy S5
Android 6.0.1
Offline Maps on SD-Card (

Works like this for years, nothing changed

All the years only 2 or 3 times (last time this weekend in following mode) that I noticed suddenly, only when I got into a dead zone, that an online map was loaded (map had white areas),
after reloading the offline map all fine again

So not an existential problem, just a bit irritating each time, and I have to stop on the trip to reset to the offline map again.

(I had rebooted the device this time before the tour - I’ll have to watch in the future if it has something to do with the reboot).

Samsung Galaxy S5
Android 6.0.1
Offline-Karten auf SD-Karte (

Funktioniert seit Jahren so, nichts geändert

All die Jahre nur 2 oder 3 mal (zuletzt dieses Wochenende im Folgemodus), dass ich plötzlich, erst als ich in eine tote Zone kam, bemerkte, dass eine Online-Karte geladen war (Karte hatte weiße Flächen),
nach erneutem Laden der Offline-Karte alles wieder in Ordnung

Also kein existenzielles Problem, nur jedes Mal etwas nervig, und ich muss auf der Fahrt anhalten, um wieder auf die Offline-Karte zurückzusetzen.

(Ich hatte das Gerät dieses Mal vor der Tour neu gestartet - ich werde in Zukunft darauf achten müssen, ob es etwas mit dem Neustart zu tun hat).

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Kann es auch daran liegen, dass die App die Route neu berechnen wollte? Ich habe die geplante Route verlassen und die App wollte mich auch ständig zurück führen

The maps are not related to routing or navigation.

Again please provide all the details for the report.
Discussing possibilities without details has no meaning.

Thanks for the details.

Map cannot change in the middle of navigation,
only by user or when app starts and cannot find the offline map.

You can see if using an online map with the methods described above here and here.

Or the SD card was not suddenly accessible and so the app could not read the map file.
But that seems more like an Android or hardware problem.

What you have seen was probably that the offline map could not be read,
so the screen displayed empty tiles.


… and then the app switched therefore to online maps? Because at home I noticed that online maps were choosen.

If you are sure about that…

…this could happen, if you restarted the app and the offline map was not accessible.

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Hi devemux ,
May there is an Option top Show in the Map Copyright the Status like on/ offline. ?
That prefent misunderstandings. I also remeber issues with older devices… too slow. Because the Maps increase due to more info are include.
And i get errors.

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Thanks for the idea, that could be possible.


So happend to me. I will watch too, if it has something to do with the reboot :wink:
I never had this kind of issues before storage-access-framework.
Shame on Google :angry:


It is indeed their decision to force such change on apps and users.
All known apps have similar problems, if you search their forums…

Android now grants a special permission for the apps to access files.

If it revokes this permission for its own reasons, the apps can do nothing.
The permission can only be granted again via the file opening procedure.

However it is strange, all this time I restart my devices without problems.

Here’s the case:
Last night I set the Kurviger app back to offline maps.
Today rebooted the device, Kurviger app accesses online maps again.

I guess I didn’t notice that earlier in such cases that I use an online map, because I have mostly good network coverage here in my area.
Only when I get into a dead zone, I get the white tiles on the map because the tiles along the route don’t reload fast enough.

If I know that, I can always check it from the entry on the bottom of the map (even if it’s very small).
But newcomers are not aware of this and they then unintentionally use the online maps and may also get the white tiles in the dead zones and get confused or angry.
Not so good for the Kurviger app.
Therefore, perhaps some kind of a clear indication would really make sense when an online map is used?


Perhaps it is useful to show an popup alert (which has to be confirmed), if the app switches to online map because it could not find the opened offline map files.

Is that possible?


This is strange, as I have never seen it, nor can I reproduce it.

Please use internal storage and repeat your tests.
Android does not like SD cards more and more…

In any case, this is out of app’s bounds.
Android (or device) decides to no longer grant the app permission to access a file.
App can only get a file permission, if user uses Android file manager and opens it.

There is already a message when app starts and cannot access the offline map.
Doesn’t it work with new Android restrictions? I will check it…

Sorry, not possible: Internal storage completely overfilled (that’s why I use the SD card) :frowning:

And I basically refuse to keep upgrading hardware (i.e. buying a new smartphone) as long as the old one works fine.

(Idea of having an indicator like “Caution: Online Map in use!” as we wrote above is not involved by this, or? I never saw the message you mentioned.)