App: Switch to online map info

Sorry, not possible: Internal storage completely overfilled (that’s why I use the SD card) :frowning:

And I basically refuse to keep upgrading hardware (i.e. buying a new smartphone) as long as the old one works fine.

(Idea of having an indicator like “Caution: Online Map in use!” as we wrote above is not involved by this, or? I never saw the message you mentioned.)

App can only revert to online map when it starts and cannot read the offline map.

There is already a message at that time, but Android SAF prefers to not show it…
I will check what happened, so it will appear again.


Ich habe mein Handy (ist nur für Navigation) auf Werkszustand zurück gesetzt, seitdem verliere ich nicht mehr die Karte.


hast du die Karte auch geöffnet?
Du musst die Karte öffnen oder hinzufügen, Einstellungen, Karten öffnen,Karten öffnen,die gewünschte Karte in deinem Speicher suchen und auswählen.
Grüße Uwe

Ich habe jetzt das ganze Kartenmaterial für Offline Karten von der SD Karte auf das Handy verschoben. Hatte am Wochenende keine Ausfälle und hoffe das ich das Problem damit behoben habe.


The info message (if app cannot read the map file at the start) should be back with Kurviger 1.14.16.


Google now forces apps to use SAF with specific permission for each file.
If it is lost by SD card (or OEM), the apps can do nothing, but ask it again.
(for security, Google allows user only to initiate the process)

Something strange seems to happen in your device or workflow,
as I cannot reproduce it.

Or you took out the card and open the app,
or you connected the phone with pc and open the app?
(where the card was used by the pc)

See also a related report above:

Nothing of this.
But it is not a real problem - as long I do not forget to switch to offline map.
(That’s why I asked for a warning indicator in the other thread “App: Info screen”.)

When app starts and cannot read the map file, a notification message already appears.
(and it reverts to the online map)

I have not set anything permanent on screen, as it could be annoying for the other users.

And exactly THIS i miss.
I never noticed such a message - after restart of the smartphone the app opened online map without any notification.
How does the notification look like? (Then I will have another trial wether I will see it.)

It is already available and you can test it:

You can open a map file, close the app, rename the map file and open the app again.
A toast message will appear at the bottom of the screen, informing of invalid map file
and the online map will be activated.

Ok, did. Yes, message “Invalid map file” appeared for a short moment at the bottom.

I confess, I expected an a bit more eye catching indicator :laughing:. But it works and I will have a look for it in future.

Thx! :slight_smile:


Könnte man ein kleines Symbol in die Oberfläche einbauen, um zu wissen ob man gerade eine Offline oder Online Karte nutzt?

You can use the menu “Tools | Info”
or check the map copyright at the bottom.

Ich kann während der Fahrt nicht nachsehen deswegen ist ein Symbol einfach und schnell zu erkennen.

…agree, offline/online maps info should be visible always, my old Huawai Phone lost many times the offline
maps, ans switch to online maps. This should be never happen in Switzerland and Roaming is on. The cost can be massive…

The screen must contain the absolutely necessary information.

Maps are selected by users, so they obviously know what they are using.

And the maps do not change on their own!
Unless your device has problems and cannot access the SD card.
Then store them in internal storage, as it is always available.

Use the “Tools | Info” when you want to see what is active.

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sorry the Huawai battery management is kill my Offline map conection (internal storage) always during App is closed (screen switch off), and there is no warning. If you aware with problems like that you can configer the battery management, thats work.
May these INFO can be more visible:
Online Map:

Offline Map:

This is the first time we read something like this and it is difficult to believe.

Probably something else is happening on your device.

Maps are huge. So SD-card is a good place if your device is short on memory

If user had selected offline map, and than some time later (for whatever reason) offline map becomes inaccessible the app switches back to online maps.
Although there is a short info, the switching to online map is done automatically.

Wouldn’t it be better to ask the user for confirmation before doing the switch to online map?