App: Strict navigation

Provide option to navigate along the route without shortcuts, i.e. follow the route strictly from one waypoint to another. When go off route, the rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint.

Can see report with example here:

yes, very important, wanting to have … own option is also ok :rofl: thanks in advance

of course it is not meant to follow the route like a track. The parallel feature “roadblock avoidance” is also helpful to get routed on a drive around leg… real route calculation between the sequenced waypoints is meant (sometimes difficult to explain in another language, but finally clear I guess)

Yes. But it should be possible to use the “skip next waypoint” function to be able to intentionally omitt a waypoint I don’t want to reach any longer after I took a detour. Then the next waypoint should be the following waypoint in my route (not the nearest one or any other).

Such a “strict mode” should behave as we already had the “waypoint types" function (shaping, must be visited, like discussed here or here) and all waypoint of the route would have been configured as a “must be visited” type.

When making intentional or unintentional detours (e.g. due to roadblocks), the algorithm will keep navigating to the first missed waypoint. That’s the whole idea of strict navigation, follow precisely the waypoints without auto-shortcuts or else we end up again in current workflow.

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Just to clarify. We are talking about a strict mode from waypoint to waypoint. In between the waypoints the route can be entered and left at any point and navigation simply continues without requiring a rerouting?

No, that’s current workflow.
Like mentioned already cannot have every feature everywhere as they affect each other.

Strict route following is:

Yes, you mention waypoints, that’s why I am asking.

No, currently, you can skip waypoints, with strict route following, as I understood it from above, you need to visit every waypoint in order.

That is because rerouting in most navigators is based usually on waypoints.

That’s the idea, no automatic shortcuts to confuse workflow, just option for plain route following.

Thanks for the explanation. So this could mean that navigation could stop due to a GPS jump or when missing a small part of the road?

There are only on and off route situations that are to be handled.
GPS already has distance and time inertia for erroneous reports.

I better ask again if we understand the same, because this option is too important for me… it is to avoid misunderstandings.

fully agree, without auto-shortcuts, but not without manual shortcuts… the manual skipping of waypoints should also work in a strict follow route option… in all navigation options this should be possible to my point of view, same is valid for the roadblock option in the context menu of the direction indicator top left of the app. The sctrict navigation should not act as a “follow track” option. Manual interactions like roadblocks or manual skipping is also vital for a new strict follow route option (which I thought originally was already meant by “next unvisited waypoint”)

Example: when I want to skip the last omitted waypoint, for example nr. 8 in this case, I can use manuel skipping. Then the software should go for nr. 9 and never for 33 or any other waypoint number.

Do we have the same understanding?

Manual shortcuts, like avoid roadblocks or skip waypoints, should work too.

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perfect :+1: … when can I beta-test? :slight_smile:

Don’t want to make pressure on development (haste makes waste). Maybe you have it up your sleeve already, just want to mention that I do several rallys next week in the Alpes… would be a great oportunity to beta-test the strict follow route option :wink:

Coming soon to a (beta) version near you:

(several options have emerged, we’ll see which ones can remain)

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Available in Kurviger 1.13.5 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.