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Exceeding Speed Limit Tolerance indicator
Speed Limit display


Currently the Exceeding Speed Limit Tolerance indicator is only displayed when the Speed Limit display is activated.

I usually don’t use the Speed Limit display, as I don’t need this information, because I pay attention to the speed limits myself, the actuality of the information is often not guaranteed and I would like to have an unrestricted view on the map.

However, the Exceeding Speed Limit Tolerance indicator would still be useful to warn me.

Would it be possible to enable the two displays in the settings independently of each other?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

This would require an additional on/off setting,
unless it is combined with the tolerance slider.

What do other users think about this idea?

For me, it’s OK the way it is at the moment.
I also prefer to rely on the signs that I see myself, but if you are unsure, it can’t hurt to have a point of reference.
I don’t mind the indicator, especially because it’s not too big.

I agree with Zepp

I agree with Uli_LH. I would also like to switch the speed limit indicator off, but keep the red warning signal in the middle when speed limit is above the tolerance value. My recent proposal was to have the average speed instead of the speed limit display if this is possible. This in 2 variants, one time including break times and one time excluding break times. This may not be easy to realize, but this is of much more use to me as the display speed limit (which I ignore anyway most of the time… have to concentrate on the traffic :shushing_face:)

This is completely irrelevant to this request and is already discussed in another topic.

Everyone please focus on each topic’s content and avoid pushing irrelevant requests.

ok. I would appreciate to be able to switch off the display speed limit separately.

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.14.

Available as multiple options in “Settings | Navigation | Speed limit”.

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