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App: Speed based auto zoom improvements

Hi. Do the set extreme min/max zoom values ​​affect the intermediate values? Is only extreme can be set, and intermediate ones are permanently assigned?

I am asking because at a speed of ~60 km/h I would prefer a smaller zoom value, and it seems to me that changes in settings do not affect it.

Speed based auto zoom is combined with visible distance factor, then capped by user min/max options.

There could be minor adjustments if explain in detail how expect it to work and most users agree to that.

I am a fan of setting everything up to my own taste. Therefore, in addition to the min and max zoom settings, I would also like to set the corresponding min and max speeds. So, four parameters instead of two.

For example: I set zoom 17 at speeds below 15 km/h and zoom 14 at speeds above 100 km/h. Intermediate zoom values ​​could be interpolated, e.g. every 0.5 zoom value (or e.g. every 20 km/h if easier to implement). In this way, everyone has adjusted levels based on own preferred speed, zoom and screen size (!). It makes sens?

Are there any navigators that work with all those available options?

Current implementation is not as primitive as described above - with only a simplistic interpolation.

The algorithm includes also visible distance based on screen size or else result would be awkward.

I have no idea because for 20 years on a motorcycle I have only used several Garmins, with auto-zoom turned off. Kurviger is the first I can’t use without auto-zoom on :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks for the explanation - I thought it was less complicated. But I still think the user should be able to influence the whole range of zoom values, not just the extreme.

I am sorry to reheat the thread, but after traveling almost a thousand kilometers with Kuriger, I still think about greater freedom in personalizing the zoom levels automatically selected by the application.

If there were more interest in this, would the solution used in OsmAnd+ be difficult to implement? This could have an impact on faster/slower time to reach subsequent zoom change thresholds, between defined min and max.

I could see if there is available area for enhancements, as auto zoom is already quite complicated.

I hope this won’t complicate much more… :slight_smile:

I noticed that the zoom change thresholds are constantly: 40, 60, 80, … kph (until reaching the speed at which the required minimum zoom value is set). Right? Thus, the OsmAnd style solution shown above could impose multipliers to these values - e.g. ×0.75 / ×1.00 / ×1.25.


  • To long-range (×0.75) -> 30, 45, 60, … kph
  • To mid-range (×1.00) -> unchanged 40, 60, 80, … kph
  • To close-up (×1.25) -> 50, 75, 100, … kph

Such a procedure would allow everyone to adjust the zoom changes style to suit their driving style. Believe me, for many oldtimer drivers (to which I myself belong), 80 kph is the end of the scale - that is, they will never reach the target zoom value set in the application :roll_eyes:

Speed based auto zoom is a dynamic process. Cannot easily expose speeds, but could scale it.

An auto zoom scale option will be included, so can further adjust speed based auto map scaling.

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Hi. Do I understand correctly that we can expect new speed-based zoom options in the near future? It would be nice not to have to use manual zoom-out dozens of times during the trip :slight_smile:

Some kind of extra scale option of the speed auto zoom result, so that can adjust it further.

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Super. Thanks for your commitment and understanding the needs of the Kurvigers! :smiley: