App: skip more than one waypoints

Just saw a similar feature in another navigation app and estimated it as quite convenient: a possibility to skip more than just one waypoint at once (combined with a map view to make the waypoints visible).

Additional to the existing “Skip next waypoint” button there could be a “Skip more waypoints” button, which switches to this map view showing the next waypoint (and maybe more, according to the current zoom level of the map view):

Here you can “scroll” through the waypoints by using the left or right arrow button, with the map view moving according to the currently selected waypoint. The map view used for that function is just the same like switching from navigation mode to map mode (including the buttons to zoom in/out or jump back to your current position).

If pressed “OK” the app skips all the waypoints up to (and including) the choosen one.

Of course you can also use this feature to skip the next waypoint only. But with a better chance to identify the position (and number) of the waypoint than by just using the existing (and simpler but functional limited) “Skip next waypoint” button.

Thanks for the interesting idea.

Note that skip waypoint works while navigation is active, so it’s not so straightforward to modify map and overlays for one feature’s needs while another process already handles them.

Plus cannot have dialogs there where other elements exist, common dialogs can be centered like now. Or else custom UI is needed and much time and work to implement.

Yes, got your point.

What about a much simpler approach which uses workflows and UI elements already existing:

  • switch from navigation mode to map mode (showing your route)
  • make a long tap on the waypoint which should be the next one (which means: all waypoints before should be skipped / deleted)
  • in the waypoint’s menu select the (new) option “Set next waypoint” (“Setze als nächsten Wegpunkt” in German) to do this

All these can be combined via simply add an extra action in waypoints long press menu.

Whether doing that while navigation is on or in route planning is irrelevant, it’s just routing.

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Yes, this is exactly what it meant with my described workflow. Simple (?) change, much benefit. :smiley:

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But then I would love to get the “back” button.
I’ve also eliminated some single waypoints on my large holiday trip, and for sure, they were the wrong one…and I was not able to do a “back”… it was complicated to remember where a new waypoint should be marked again on the map (was it a museum, was it a sightseeing point, was it because of a bikercafe…?)

If I’m able to cancel more than one waypoint in one step, then it will be more dangerous cancelling to much /wrong waypoints…

Would it be possible to programm something like “last change back”?
Thanks & BR juschka

Actions history (we can open a new topic for that) is a major feature that can be programmed for the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rethinking the workflow, the above approach seems wrong.
Why overload waypoints menu, when can use waypoints list to reorder / remove them?

Skip waypoint(s) is a navigation feature, so belongs in navigation actions.
If need a skip >1 waypoints feature, could be via a drop down waypoints list in navigation actions dialog, to select the next one.

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