App: Show zoom level

Many users have asked to show somehow map’s zoom level on screen, which would be useful to check e.g. when set navigation’s auto zoom levels.

Note that the map has continuous scaling and I could derive the zoom level and render it somewhere.

Could be as a label above the zoom buttons and auto hide with them?
Similar to bearing’s label below compass, probably with different size.

Or could integrate it inside scale bar, that way would be always visible?

For me that would be perfect! Actually I don’t miss the zoom level at all, but in the above solution it could be visualized on request.

I personally don’t use the zoom buttons. But it would be interesting to see the the zoom level. What do you think about my suggestion?


Regards, Nico

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I mean the (fractional) zoom level of map that users know already and can use in navigation’s auto zoom settings. For example:

  1. Integrated in scale bar, visible all the time.


  1. Above and auto hide with zoom buttons, visible with all zoom gestures.



Looks great for me. But I’m not the only one who using the app. Maybe there are other opinions.

gute Idee :+1:

For my terms, 5% of all kurviger users miss the zoom level at most - and then 95% should read additional irrelevant information? I’m grateful for everything I don’t have to read. KISS = keep it simple and stupid!


I would vote for this solution.

In order to have it in scale bar, would need to add an option to select between existing scale bar (fixed values / variable length) and a new scale bar (fixed length / variable values) to host also the zoom level.

In any case both implementations don’t load UI, buttons are auto hidden, scale bar would be optional.


Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.