App: Select next waypoint / bookmark after delete

When reworking a route in the app, sometimes I delete several waypoints in a row via waypoint list.
I have to tap twice per waypoint: 1st tap on waypoint to focus it, 2nd tap on delete button “X”.
There for I suggest to focus next waypoint automatically after deleting a waypoint.
Then the user has to focus the 1st waypoint by tapping once, afterwards he just has to tap once per waypoint on delete button “X”.

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Why do you need 1 tap to focus? Can’t you use the button “X” here with one tap?

That is the website - my proposal is for the app.

Ah sorry, my bad.

I added an hint “in the app” in the text. I did not want to write it in the title, because I want to keep it short, and this thread is in the category “Android app” and also tagged with “Kurviger App”. Should I write it also in the title nevertheless?

No need, it is already in the Android app category.

Something similar could also be useful in the bookmarks list.

Was just me not reading properly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice idea,
it will be available in next app update.

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Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.14.

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Thanks a lot, works well :+1:

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