App: "select" function for bookmarks

It’s good to have bookmarks in the Kurviger app. But it could offer a little bit more comfort using them.

So in my opinion the “select” function could be improved. Selecting a bookmark only shows it on the map. Now I have to tap on it’s symbol (the star) to activate the waypoint context menu where I’m able to choose my required operation (e.g. “set end” if I this location should be the destination I want to be navigated to).

This feels a bit inconvenient, although navigating to a certain bookmark / favorite is probably one of the most used functions in this context. And tapping on a bookmarks symbol on the map can be quite a fiddling if wearing gloves or while not using a very near zoom level (too likely to tap beside).

Maybe it would be better to change the behaviour of the “select” function so that it first activates a menu similar to the waypoint context menu. Of course with an additional menu item “show on map” to surrogate the current “select” function.

In next version the bookmark “Manage” + “Select” menus are merged. Management and selection are handled in one place, for convenience and the coming features. Also the selection moves and zooms (if too far) the map to the position (like location button).

Similar selection behavior will exist in waypoints list too.

Regarding the menu workflow suggestion, as explained here, not being so sure as could annoy all users wanting just to go to a bookmark, without doing an action.

Perhaps another idea could be to offer the context menu while being in the list, so not have to go at the map first?