App: Roundtrip regenerate Tour + Information about the Track


is there a way to regenerate a Roundtrip if I don’t like the random generated one?
I know that I can just generate a new one, but wouldn’t it be easier to set the Roundtrip settings, klick on generate (the generated track shows up) and then there should pop up 3 Buttons one for delete, regenerate and accept the random generated tour.
Have seen something similar when setting the location with the cross-hair, app ask yes or no ( 2 Buttons pop up).

Some Information about the random generated tour would be useful (e.g. how curvy is the track?)

Routing options are the same in all routes, also in round trips.
You can change them globally with menu “Routing | Options”.

(website works similarly)

My guess is that the idea is to add to the application a button “Generate round trip!” - having the same function as on the website, i.e. generating a new route with each press.

Thats right, generating a new route with each press is the idea.

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You can generate up to 3 roundtrip suggestions at a time.
Than chose one of them.

In Navigation the degrees are counted clockwise:

  • 0° = north
  • 90° = east
  • 180° = south
  • 270° = west
  • 360° = north (again)

So 115° is a bit more than 90° (= east) so something like “south east”.
South East” is what the “SE” in 115°SE stands for.

Unfortunately this abbreviation seems to be only in english.
@devemux86 would it be possible to make this multilingual (i.e. translate into the supported languages)?


Abbreviations are translated into all languages.
(they seem to need corrections in German)

If we change the abbreviations to full texts in round trip dialog,
then they could be better understood and translated.

It will be available in next app update.

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I think your request is implemented.
In case you are not satisfied with the generated roundtrip you can do:

  • long press (anywhere) on map
  • choose Roundtrip
  • click generate

Voila, a new roundtrip is generated.
All previous settings like heading, length etc are preserved.
You just need to keep “current start” selected

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