App: Rerouting options

Provide options for rerouting:

  • Nearest route point
  • Nearest waypoint
  • Next waypoint

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Looks very useful :grin::+1:t3:

When is this available? Without such a function I am in agony using Kurviger on round trips, since rerouting destroys the planned route if you leave the planned route and skipping next waypoint even deletes the destination.

This would be a good 1st step until the planned definition of waypoints as mandatory or optional waypoints is available.

In next version.

Like mentioned already here, that is simply not true, destination cannot be deleted.

“Skip next waypoint just skips next via point (if exists), while destination remains always the same.”

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.

Ich habe eine Fragen zu dem Menüpunkt: Neuberechungsoptionen (Nächster Routenpunkt, Nächster Wegpunkt, Folgender unbesuchter Wegpunkt)"

Mir ist der Unterscheid zwischen nächster Routenpunkt und nächster Wegpunkt nicht ganz klar. Wir wirkt sich das aus?


  • Nearest point on route : it’s the nearest coordinates on the route path (not waypoint).
  • Nearest waypoint : it’s the nearest waypoint (i.e. via points, destination) of the route.
  • Next unvisited waypoint : it’s the next waypoint (i.e. via points, destination) that has not been passed yet.

“Nearest point on route” does not play very nice in combination with “automatic recalculation”.
See this demonstration from @grua

May I suggest to replace it with something different:
Let me call it “nearest point on route +500m

The idea is to place the “point of rerouting” a few 100m closer towards the end as the exact “nearest point on route” would be.
The moment you leave the route, the nearest point is exactly the place you’ve just left .
But usually you don’t want a rerouting back to the place you’ve just left.
Hence the idea to add a few meters towards the end.


Things are not so simple, a route segment may be some km in length, if it’s a straight line.
So nearest point in the middle of the line could be its start or end point, preferably the end.

Could need heavy interpolation checks so mode can be improved or removed, I will think it.

That’s why there are many rerouting modes, where should exist only “next”, like most apps.

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Next version will have some light improvement for “nearest” rerouting option.

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