App: Rerouting options at navigation start

When navigation starts and a rerouting is needed, can provide options if rerouting will be to route’s start or nearest point (current workflow).

See detailed discussion in old forum.

That is IMHO the most difficult part of the trilogy

The issue in old forum here and here was with round trips, where start of navigation could guide you immediately to end, if your position is closer to end than to start.

  1. I would recommend that users should switch “automatic recalculation” off in round trips.
  2. When I am starting navigation I expect it to run without any further questions
    E.g. during a fuel stop, which might be a few hundred meters away from route, I stop navigation.
    When finished fueling, I start navigation again.
  3. So if you want different behavior this could IMHO only be somewhere inside Settings | navigation ...


A route has no identity for being a round trip, being a series of waypoints and coordinates. Just happens that the start and end are close together.

Now when navigation starts and being away from route, a rerouting happens automatically (if enabled) to nearest point.
The feature is about users to have option where that rerouting want to happen (on navigation start).

I meant the user should switch auto-rerouting off when a round trip is planned.

Exactly. You can start and stop navigation at any point.
AFAIK navigation does not know if it is being started the first time or somewhere in the middle of your trip.
I would expect it to start immediately and guide me to the nearest route-point (as it is now).

So this dilemma could IMHO only be solved, with an additional setting inside settings menu.
Something like
Settings | navigation | always ask me after start


Actually depends on the case.
If have a round trip away, then many need to be guided to round trip’s start.

In navigation there are 2 types of reroutings:

  • When start navigation (i.e. tap nav button)
  • During navigation

In 2nd case the rerouting happens to nearest route point.
In 1st case could select where want the rerouting to stop.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.5.