App: Remember the name of an imported route

Quite often I want to edit an imported route in the Kurviger app and then save/export it under it’s original name.

Therefore it would be great if the Kurviger app would remember the name of the last imported route and then use this as default for the next export (instead of the date/timestamp). Much easier to edit and save existing routes (or make a second copy by simply adding some postfix).

Maybe it would even be possible to add an additional confirmation dialog if a route is saved/exported with an already existing name (and therefore will replace an existing file).

Have fun and ride safe!


I agree - there is a proposal concerning this topic already in the old forum:!topic/kurviger/08-RzwzvEFY

Regards Markus

That is an interesting proposal Mario. How do you think this should work, should it use the file name?

I think the feature is about the file name, suggest in export the imported one.

Yes, exactly. I refer to the filename.

Thanks for the further explanation @SchlesiM. This sounds doable, WDYT @devemux86?

It’s already in my list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Implemented in Kurviger 1.2.

This feature was just implemented on the website as well :partying_face: