App: Remember imported tracks


Is it possible to re-load all overlayed GPX tracks when the kurviger app is re-started?

I found that kurviger seems to be terminated occasionally by android. When you then re-start the app all the previoiusly loaded GPX tracks are gone.

I think that overlaying GPX tracks directly in the app is a great planning aid. Is it possible to keep the track information stored somewhere (i.e. all loaded file names) and re-load the tracks when kurviger is started?


Thanks for the suggestion.

When combined with multiple track colors, this can be complicated.
And Android forced scoped storage makes this much more difficult.
I have to think if / how it could be provided…

Note: there are also overlays from other formats, like kurviger files.

I have the same issue. If I load a track and route from a file and stop the navigation over night. On the next morning the route is still present, but the track is lost.
(Kurviger Beta)

I think it would enhance the comfort if all overlays (waypoints and tracks/routes) regardless of the source file (GPX, .kurviger, …) would be kept until overlays are deleted manually.

But I can not judge the effort of implementing such a feature…


Indeed it is complicated, so…

The next version will remember the imported tracks when the app restarts.
(from gpx or kurviger files)

Also the different track colors selected during import:


Available in Kurviger 2.2.8 (Beta).

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Very nice.

I use this to import recorded tracks of previous tours. I did find a little problem though. Occasionally it happens that - after kurviger restarts - the overlayed tracks are only partly loaded. Some parts go missing. Doesn’t happen everytime and seems to be more likeley to happen if more than a single track is overlayed/loaded.

Did anybody else observe this as well ?


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What happens when you scroll or zoom the map?

Can you share (even in a private message) the tracks,
so we can try to reproduce the report?

Sure. I’ll make screen-shots and send you the GPX in question when it occurs the next time.


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Implemented in Kurviger 2.2.20.

Thanks for the gpx sample (via message).

I was able to reproduce the report and will see what happens.

There will be improvements in the next app update.

Improved in Kurviger 2.2.27.

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