App: Recalculate route in case of reverse direction

Provide an option to recalculate route in case of reverse direction.

Currently this is enabled, comparing GPS and route direction (within ±75° range).
GPS direction is examined when there is speed > 10 km/h.

However that can lead to problems, because of route geometry and GPS quality.

What do you mean with “provide an option”?
In my experience recalculation is triggered if you ride the route in reverse direction.

What is not always working to users expectation, is the recalculated route.

Make that optional as it depends on route geometry and GPS sensor,
so it can have a lot of false positives…

The latest Pro version no longer announces voice instructions immediately after rerouting.

The route quality depends on the routing service and we can discuss it better elsewhere.

I think, such an option is not intuitive for the user.
If you would ask me: “do you want a recalculation if you ride the route in reverse direction?”
I would intuitively say “yes I want a recalculation”.

If the user wants to avoid unintended recalculations, the intuitive way is to deactivate automatic recalculation.
Any extra option that basically has the same intention (avoid unwanted recalculations) is IMHO superfluous.

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The settings exist for those willing to change them.
Most users can stay with the sane default settings.

Nobody ever asked if “reverse direction” is even reliable.
Its calculation can never be, so an option could be useful.

If it turns out to be wrong, it can be changed again.
The app is not implemented in stone…

Perhaps it would be useful to change the title to “App: Recalculate route in case of riding / driving on route in reverse direction” (or similar).
But I might be the only one who misunderstood in the 1st moment: I thought it concerned the function “Long tap on route ¦ reverse route” :thinking: .
(Of course meanwhile I understood - better late than never :wink:)

Additionally, maybe the current default values need improvements?

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Does this mean the auto recalculate trigger moment? As it seems current is fine.

Many identical recalculate msg’s are annoying before a real alternative comes up.
(Speed up an alternative calculation by “manually” blocking the reversed trajectory)
Reject an alternative by continuing to drive and than hope the ‘bleating’ ever stops.

If you don’t want this annoying actual behaviour next is recommended.

Available for testing in Kurviger 2.0.7 (Beta).

Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.12.

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