App: Quick route function for bookmark entries

During my last tours I occasionally had the situation that I had to interrrupt my originally planned route (on which I was navigated at this moment) and wanted to be navigated directly to a certain location (most of the time to my homebase, sometimes to one of my main stopovers of the route).

What I realized was: it is quite inconvenient to do this in the Kurviger app. There are different approaches to do this, but they’re all too complicated to be operated while being on the road:

  • skip all waypoints until only the last one’s left (if this should be my next destination)
  • edit the route and delete all unnecessary waypoints until the next one is the right one
  • delete the complete route and create a new one by selecting the desired waypoint (from my bookmark list or by tapping on the map)

I always felt the need to be able to replace my current route with a new one to a choosen waypoint quickly.

I 'd really appreciate a simpler / quicker procedure to choose a waypoint to be my new destination (which means: forget/delete the current route and directly head to this waypoint). Most navigation systems offer such a function at least for a few special lcoations (like “home” or “work”).

My suggestion: add a new button “route to” in the dialog which appears if you choose an entry from your current bookmark list (beside the currently existing buttons “cancel” and “ok”).

This way it would be possible to save regularly used locations in your bookmark list (like “home”), as well as to prepare the list with the most important stopovers for your next tour. Just for the case that you want to be navigated directly to one of these waypoint (maybe because you’re running out of time or weather’s geeting too bad to finish the whole route).

That’s the workflow currently:

  • Clear existing route
  • Long press on desired bookmark
  • Select “Set end” to calculate a new route from user location

Much more convenient would be:

  • An extra entry in bookmarks long press menu
  • An extra button in toolbar in bookmarks list
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Yes, this is one of the possible workflows I meant. But after all this means up to 11 taps:

  • menu
  • routing (if not dropped down already)
  • clear
  • confirm
  • menu
  • bookmarks (if not dropped down already)
  • list
  • select waypoint
  • waypoint functions (turn symbol)
  • set end
  • navigate button

Way too long to be quickly routed to one of your favorite destinations. And not really intuitive for beginners. :thinking:

This is exactly what I meant. :grin:

Actually no need for more buttons in toolbar which will complicate the UI.
A routing button already exists there.

All that remains can be a new entry in bookmark actions menu with the proposed workflow.

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Sounds good (but should be on the first page then). :grinning:

Or you could do it in 5 actions vs 2 actions:

  • Long press the route on the map
  • Press clear
  • Press ok
  • Long press the bookmark on the map
  • Set as destination

The long press on the route is bit tricky to find for new users. I am a bit uncertain if the benefit of not pressing 3 buttons, justifies adding another button?

Since this button also clears the route, we should add warning dialog for this feature as well (similar to the clear dialog). Especially with gloves on, one might press on this button by accident and suddenly the whole route is gone. If you don’t have a backup, that’s bad.

What do other users think about this feature?

Clear dialog does not have a warning and don’t like much filling the app with questions here and there, which stop workflow and increase its complexity.

Clear dialog asks what to clear, overlays or / and routing, if mean that. But cannot hook everything with everything, prefer to keep things simple.


Long pressing actions are not very convenient while wearing gloves (even if touchscreen capable and especially if fiddling with small elements like the route line). And to long press the destination bookmark I first have to scroll the map to the according area. Far from being a quick workflow.

I agree with that. Shouldn’t double secure such a actions with annoying confirmation dialogs.

That’s what I meant, yes. I do think these are extremely important for serious and non easily revertible actions, like deleting a route.

Yes, alternatively you could use the bookmark menu. But you would still have to search the bookmark somehow, even with the new function.

With this feature i have a problem. Why is it necessarry to clean the existing route? I would prefer when it would be possible to insert on the existing route bitween other waypoints a waypoint with the coordinates of a selectable bookmark. At the moment I don’t know how to copy the coordinates from the bookmark to an inserted waypoint with a less number of touchs.

But when the (not imported or manipulated) route should be cleared then I agree with Robin there should be a dialog to inform that the route will be cleared and with a possibility to save (export) the existing route before clearing it.

Can set waypoints on bookmarks via their long press menu and they are ordered accordingly to their location.

There is already a confirmation dialog asking what to clear.

If want to export before clear, can use the always available export tool.

Need to understand that cannot offer all options in each and every place or else UI will become complicated and not manageable. And mobile screens don’t make that easier too.

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It’s another routing action like the current ones on bookmark menu, set start, end, etc.
All of them modify without questions any existed route via a simple workflow.

If start adding dialogs, then can remain with current workflow having same steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To avoid UI overloading, the proposed workflow remains like described above.
i.e. clear route and set bookmark as end.

Ok, this is a way to go.

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