App pro vs Tourer web service


does the Android Kurviger Pro (9.99€) is a different offer than the online Kurviger Tourer offer ?

Thank you.

The website’s subscription is not related with the application.

Please see carefully the website subscription page where it mentions:
“The listed features are only valid for the website and don’t have an influence on the Android App.”

I am:
* a Kurviger Tourer subscriber.
* a Kurviger Pro (1.x) android purchaser.

My current behavior is 100% of the time:

  • I use the website to create a route.
  • I then manually tweak the route into joy.
  • as I tweak into joy, tourer features may (will?) be utilized.
  • When joy is achieved I then click “share” to generate a 5 character code.

My question is:

  • will Kurviger Pro (1.x) android consume the above 5 character code
    and faithfully perform GPS turn by turn navigation of that route?

  • If the above answer is
    “NO, Kurviger Pro (1.x) android will not faithfully navigate a tourer created route”
    then my follow-up question is will Kurviger V2 do this?

I need to understand what an application v2 subscription will get me that my v1 does not already do.

AFAIK there are currently 2 features that Kurviger Pro 1.x does not support, but Kurviger 2.x does

Apart form this you can use Kurviger Pro (1.x) as always.
But new features (like the 2 mentioned) will not be available in Kurviger Pro 1.x
See also:

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There must be some incentive to switch to version 2 and thus support the development. I think that is fine.