App: Online POI


when I’m visiting foreign areas, I’m always looking for biker meeting places in that area.
Unfortunately this very special type of POI is only available on the website. However,
being on the road, using the website on my smart phone instead of the app is rather

Is it asked too much to add the Biker Meeting Places POI to the App as well?


I do not know the POI overlays on website and how they are updated.

If they are available to the public for all users,
you can import them as overlays and use them in routing / navigation.

That surprises me a bit…

From older posts in this forum I took it that the Biker Cafe / Meeting Place
POIs are hand crafted for the Kurviger website. If these are publically
available, I don’t know where. OSM data doesn’t contain this info afaics.


All offline maps are created with OpenStreetMap data,
they usually not have proprietary or advertised content.

Great, but what does that mean? If it’s all open information, the information
how the biker cafe POIs are generated, should be publically available, isn’t it?
How is it possible to replicate this info in the App?

…having these as a map layer would be nice.

You need to ask @boldtrn to include them in Kurviger maps.
(he handles the servers, including the map content)

Then I can update the map style and have them as map layers.

App focus is to remain open to all offline maps and map styles,
so that users can use what they like and be happy.

That would be great. @boldtrn, is it ok to discuss this here or shall
I open a new topic?


The POIs could be added to the app through the available API, they can’t be added to the offline maps.

That’s ok. Where or how do I get these Biker Cafes / Meeting Places as on the website?


They can be added to the offline Kurviger (Mapsforge) maps.
But it seems that there is no interest…

Then the offline Kurviger maps have no real reason to exist.
There are available better updated offline (Mapsforge) maps.

Loading the app with more online content is not in its priorities.
And the app is not affiliated with any of that advertised content.

Get their coordinates, create bookmarks, transfer them to your app.

I’m NOT asking for specific places in the area I’m living in. I’m interested in such places
in foreign areas while I’m on vacation, for instance. In theory I can look them up on the
Kurviger website, but the website is awkward to use with a smart phone. It’s designed
for PCs with big screens.

What I’d like to do when I’m not at home is to plan a route with the Kurviger App and
if there are Meeting Places in the vicinity, I’d like to visit them.

So, how do I get the coordinates of the biker meeting places from the Kurviger website?
What are the OSM rules constituting a Biker Cafe / Meeting Place? I can import them,
but without knowing how to create this list of places, I’m lost.


No, please don’t remove the Kurviger offline maps!

I tried Mapsforge maps and they are at least missing the most important map level: gas stations.
I just installed the Mapsforge map for germany again, just to be sure. The Kurviger offline map
shows gas stations prominently, the Mapsforge map doesn’t.

…it’s just a pity that the Kurviger maps are not update more often anymore.
The latest Germany map is 2 months old.

OpenStreetMap and most maps show the POI from zoom level 16-17.

I’m getting confused now. What POI are you talking about, biker cafes or gas stations?

If it’s Biker Cafes, I can see one example at a lot of zoom levels on OSM, but it’s
not clear what data point or points constitute the biker cafe:

If it’s gas stations, the big advantage of Kurviger offline maps vs. Mapsforge maps
is how the gas stations are visible in low zoom levels, so it’s easy to chose where
to drive to for gas when in an unknown area.

So, does that mean the info how to generate the list of Biker Cafes / Meeting Places is proprietary?


Yes some POI categories like, Biker Cafes / Meeting Places and “Passes Editorial” are researched and maintained separately, that way we can show addiitonal information like images which would not be possible through OSM.

And sharing this info with the app is not possible?